Tindall to Colonial Secretary
7 Argyle Terrace
Newcastle on Tyne
25th April/62 To the Hon Colonial Secretary

My Lord
I want information, as to whether their is a practcable rout throug Canada to British Columbia Gold Fields.
An Overland Transit Co have sprung up in London, who promise to take us there in five weeks by the above rout.
There departure will be on or about the 17th May next. As their is a party of us wishfull to go the quickest and best rout, We would feel very gratfull for your information, as to whether such Co can be relied upon.
I am My Lord
Yours Obedy & Resy
Robt Tindall
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Mr Elliot
I think it wd be but right to caution the writer agt the proposed overland route to B. Columbia. The Co referred to, of which I have seen an advertisement, possess more than they can accomplish. And no party of Emigrants shd rely on their promises. The 2 routes are by the Horn or by the Isthmus Panama & the cost is from £30 to £60.
ABd 28 Apl
Mr Blackwood
They have so much practice in these matters at the Emigration Office that I consulted Mr Murdoch. An answer may be prepared in the terms of the first paragraph of his note to me.
TFE 29 April
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28 April
My dear Elliot
I should answer that you have no knowledge of the Co or of the route they propose to take or the means at their command for accomplishing the journey. But that from all that is known of the Country the journey must occupy much time and probably be attended withManuscript image considerable hardship. I should add that the usual way of reaching B. Columbia is either round the Horn or across the Isthmus of Panama.
I am sure they will come to grief if they attempt the route across the Continent. Half of them will be starved before they reach the Rocky Mountains.
Ever yours truly
T.W.C. Murdoch
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Fortescue to Tindall, 5 May 1862, advising that while Newcastle had no knowledge of the company in question, it was felt that the route proposed would entail much time and hardship and that usual route to the colony was around the Horn or across the Isthmus of Panama.