No. 74
4 December 1863
Adverting to my Despatch No 59 of the 23rd Septr last, and to previous correspondence relative to the maintenance by Mr Cox a Magistrate in British Columbia, of his Wife now resident in England, I have the honor to acquaint your GracethatManuscript image that Mr Cox has reported to me that he is prepared to make an allowance to his Wife, at the rate of Sixty pounds (£60) per Annum: and that he has already remitted:
By Bank of British Columbia
Draft No 2/2 22 June £10.0.0
Do No 240 1 August £ 5.0.0
By McDonald & Co
Draft No 4 20 October £ 6.0.0
and through Mr O'Reilly JP last March £10.0.0 He further reports that he will forward £9.0.0 on the 31st October and that he will continue to remit £10 every two Months unless otherwise directed.
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2. Mr Cox has expressed his desire that some channel might be indicated to him through which his periodical payments might be remitted, so that it might be known that they were made with promptitude and regularity. I am not aware of any such channel with which it falls into my province to deal, except indeed the Crown Agents for the Colony, but even they, I apprehend, although perhaps not averse to deal with a solitary case under peculiar circumstances, are scarcely prepared to adopt the principle which it wouldinvolveManuscript image involve of becoming the medium of communication between individuals in a Colony and their friends in England.
3. I shall call upon Mr Cox to report to me from time to time that the remittances to his Wife have been duly made.
4. I trust that the information herein afforded may be satisfactory to Your Grace.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient
and humble Servant
James Douglas
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Mr Elliot
This is so entirely a private transaction between Mr and Mrs Cox that I think we can hardly allow the Crown Agents to become the medium thro' which the payments shd be made. The best way wd be to desire Mr Cox to make arrangements with the Bank of B. Columbia in London for paying his wife the £60 per ann: he placing that sum in the hands of the Agent of the Bank in the Colony.
ABd 1 Feb
Mr Blackwood
I quite agree with you. I think our answer should say that for the reasons anticipated by the Governor, the Crown Agents could not conveniently be called upon to undertake the management of this business, but that the Duke appreciates Mr Cox's anxiety to possess evidence that he sends his remittances punctually, and that His Grace would point out that this end can be attained by making them through the Bank of B. Columbia and furnishing to the Governor some Certificate from the Bank that this has been done.
Draft may be prepared.
TFE 3 Feb
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 67, 5 February 1864.