[Plumpton?] to Under-Secretary of State
17 August 1863
I am directed by Earl de Grey and Ripon to transmit herewith a Statement showing the Balance due to this Department on account of Expences connected with the Detachment of Royal Engineers, Vancouvers Island, amounting to £2,466.16.7, and to request that you will cause this sum to be transferred in the Books of the Paymaster General, to the credit of Army Funds.
I have etc.
[D.M. Plumpton?]
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
I scarcely think we can send this account to the Treasury & ask payment without more information than this letter affords or than we possess here. The first portion of the account comprizes Stores supplied to the Engineers in 1858/59 before they left this Country, and will be defrayed by the Treasury; but why was it not sent in before? In searching the correspondence for 1859, I find that claims to considerable amounts for Stores supplied to the Engineers before they left England were sent in by the War Office, viz. in June 1859, £12,143.4. and in Decr 59 £1136.16.11. and other smaller sums, wh: [two words obscurred]. One item in the account is £49.19 for Medical Instruments—& I find that in July 59, the Treasury were requested at the instance of the W.O. to pay precisely this Sum for Medical Instruments to Sir J. Kirkland.
The last portion of the Account consists of Pay issued to Col. Moody andManuscript image the other officers in 1860. It must be Colonial Pay, and, if so, under the arrangement then in force it will be repaid by the Treasury—but we have no information on the subject, & perhaps the most convenient course in the first instance will be to shew the Account to some one in the Treasury & ask privately if they can throw any light upon it?
VJ 19 Aug
Mr Jadis
Do you think you could embody this in a draft?
TFE 20/8
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 26 August 1863, forwarding copy of the War Office letter and statement, with discussion of certain of the claims.
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
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Statement showing the balance due by Colonial Office on account of Royal Engineer detachment, Vancouver Island

1858 Sept. 14 Finnis & Fisher—Ale, Wine, preserved
Meats & shipped in "Thames City" 149. 4.4
1859/60 Troughton & Simms—Instruments 120. 2. 6
1859 June 7 Pratt & Savile—Mauls & Handles &c 340.17. 5
Less, paid 31 March 1860 82.9.0 258. 8. 5
1860/61 Lords of Admiralty—Freight of Stores
to Vancouvers Island 105. 0. 0
Sept. 1858
to Jan. 1859
Asstt Surn Seddall—Pay 60. 0.0
1858 Feb. 17 Savory & Sons—Medicines 26. 4.10
Army Medical Stores 128.15.10
Evans & Stevens—Instruments 9. 7. 0
Public Stock of Instruments 70.14. 0
Sept. 16 Savory & Sons—Medicines 89. 8. 0
Army Medical Stores 412.10. 1
Weiss & Sons—Instruments 49.19. 0
Public Stock of Instruments 113. 0. 8
1860 Sept. 30 Coll Moody—Pay 394.10. 6
Captn Grant—" 115. 1. 4
" Luard—" 115. 1. 4
Lieutt Lempriere—Pay 82. 3.10
" Palmer—" 82. 3.10
Asst Surgn Seddall—Pay 82. 3.10
61 Nov. 11 Lords of Admiralty, Expenses incurred
by Dr. McBride, Asstt Surgn HMS
"Bacchante" in attending A.C. Hope
in British Columbia. 2.17. 3

War Office
Pall Mall, 17 Augt, 1863