No. 72
26th November 1864
I have, the honor to report that I have, subject to your pleasure, appointed Mr William George Cox to be Police Magistrate and Assistant Gold Commissioner at the Kootenay Gold Mines recently discovered in the Rocky Mountains.
2. MrManuscript image
2. Mr Cox has gradually risen in the service till he has reached the Magistracy and Assistant Gold Commissionership at Van Winkle in the district of Cariboo. I showed my confidence in him when I selected him to be the leader of the party of Volunteers whom I despatched from Alexandria recently to operate against the insurgent Chilicoten Indians. Mr Cox is a person of great tact in the management of Indians and the rougher classes of American minersandManuscript image and has acquired very great popularity in Cariboo.
3. The Salaries of the Assistant Gold Commissioners as reported in the Colonial Office List, give but a very imperfect idea of the emoluments attached to the situations. The Cariboo Magistrates receive in addition to their fixed pay, allowances of nearly £500 a year. I propose to recommend in Council the substitution of an increase of Salary for these irregular payments, which weregivenManuscript image given for a particular and special purpose at first but have now acquired somewhat of the character of vested rights. I have not yet determined on the amount of pay which Mr Cox will receive, but I think viewing the importance of the situation and its remoteness from the seat of Government, the Salary should be a liberal one. The political duties of keeping on good terms with the Authorities of the Neighbouring United States Territories will I think be wellperformedManuscript image performed by Mr Cox.
See recent desph 3694.
ABd 21 Apl/65
4. Mr Cox's transfer creates no opportunity for making a new appointment. As stated in my despatch No. 33 of 5th of September, I have Mr Gaggin on my hands, with a claim to Salary but no fixed sphere of duties. I place him now in Cariboo West to succeed Mr Cox. Van Winkle is however almost abandoned by the Miners, so Mr Gaggin will be stationed at the rising townofManuscript image of Quesnel Mouth on the Upper Fraser.
5. I may mention incidentally, having referred to my despatch No. 33 that Mr Gaggin was gratified by my offer to restore him to Douglas, but that he begged I would keep him in the Cariboo district if possible.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
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Mr Elliot
Approve the arrangements reported in this despatch.
ABd 13 Feb
TFE 14/2
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Seymour, No. 11, 25 February 1865, acknowledging receipt and approving of Seymour’s proposal to increase salaries.
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I conclude that some remark to this effect should be made?