Moody to Under-Secretary of State
JUS Club Pall Mall
15 March 1864
Messrs Cox & Co inform me that my Salary as CLSW in British Columbia from the 1st Octr last year to the close of my Service in that Colony has not been recd by them. This no doubt has arisen from absence of notification that the 14th Novr (inclusive) last was the day on which my Services terminated.
I shall feel much obliged if you will cause the usual order to be enclosed to them authorizing them to draw for my Salary from the 1st Octr to 14 Novr last both days inclusive.
I have the honor to be
Yr most obedient Sert
R.C. Moody
Col RE

The Under Secretary of State
for Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
We did not know before on what day Colonel Moody & Engineers left the Colony.
Now request the T-y to issue Colonel Moody's pay from 1 Oct. to 14 Nov. (incl) to Messrs Cox and send the T-y at the same time the certificate required by that Dept.
ABd 16-3
Drafts to Ty and to Col: Moody.
TFE 16/3
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Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 19 March 1864, asking that the paymaster general be instructed to issue Moody's salary.
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Elliot to Moody, 19 March 1864, advising that his salary would be paid as requested.