Pollock to Cardwell
Union St.
New Milns
6th Feby 1865 The Right Honourable Edward Cardwell

My son Robert Pollock was one of the number who was Murdered at Bute Inlet in British Columbia by the natives on the 30th of April 1864.
I received the inclosed judging from its contents and Postage unpaid. I am not [sic] disap[p]ointed at receiving no farther word from Mr Waddington. Please be so good as let me know if you could effect a settlement of the sameorManuscript image or advise me how to act.
& oblidge [sic] yours
John Pollock

Edward Cardwell
Downing St London
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Ansr that Mr Cardwell regrets that he cannot assist the writer.
Return the enclosure, which seems like an original Letter.
ABd 8 Feb
TFE 8/2
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Colonial Office to Pollock, 10 February 1865, advising that they could not help procure payment of any money which may have been due to his son from Waddington at the time of his death.