Young to Under-Secretary of State
Walmer, Kent
4h February 1865
As private affairs of importance to myself will require my presence in England for a longer period than my present leave of absence from the Colony of Vancouver's Island will admit, I have the honor very respectfully to request that you will be pleased to move the Secretary of State to grant me an extension of Three months, from the expirationofManuscript image of my present term, viz. the 14th May proximo.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
and humble Servant
William A.G. Young
Colonial Secretary of
Vancouver's Island

The Under Secretary of State
for the Colonies
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
See 5469, and 6011. Governor Kennedy has not ansd the enquiry proposed to him in July whether Mr Young's absence wd subject him to any inconvenience. My impression is that he wd rather have his own friend, Mr Wakeford to act as Col: Secy & that he would willingly dispense with Mr Young's presence. But Mr Wakeford's leave from W. Australia will expire on theManuscript image 14 June next (see 11920/64 & draft ansr). To enable him to reach W. Australia by that time he will probably have to quit V.C. Island in April or May—which—if Mr Young's Application for extension of leave be complied with—wd most likely be inconvenient to the Governor, who will not easily find amongst the community a suitable person to act as Colonial Secy for even the short interval of a couple of months. Under these circs it seems to me that there is no alternative except to refuse Mr Young's application.
ABd 7 Feb
Since writing the preceeding minute a further important despatch from Govr Kennedy has been shewn me in which he urges
In the event of Mr Wakeford resuming his office in W. Australia.
Mr Young shd be required to return to V.C.I. at the expiration of his leave—see 9483. This wish of Govr Kennedy's may, I think, be regarded as conclusiveManuscript image against Mr Young's application.
ABd 7 Feb
So far as regards the question of leave, I am quite clear that it ought to be refused, even if it should lead to Mr Young's resignation.
I am satisfied that it is a very great misfortune that Mr Young should be Colonial Secretary because he is one of the numerous clique of Sir James Douglas's family connections who have gained possession of all the principal Offices in Vancouver Island. This will, I have no doubt, be a serious obstacle to Governor Kennedy's doing his duty by the Colony. He has frequently complained of the powerful cabal which he finds established, and I feel no doubt of the correctness of his complaints, not merely on account of their inherent probability, but because I myself witnessed in even so large a place as Canada the evil effects of a similar family clique in possession of all the Offices, an evil whichcontributedManuscript image contributed to drive the Province into rebellion.
TFE 8 Feb
Mr Cardwell
Refuse the extension of leave accordingly.
CF 10
Mr Young may be informed that the arrangement which now enables the Governor to supply his place is only provisional & temporary: & I am unable to comply with his request for a future extension of leave, which I have reason to consider wd be productive of inconvenience in the Colony.
EC 13 Feb
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Elliot to Young, 15 February 1865, refusing the request for an extension to his leave of absence, with explanation.