No. 6
25th January 1866
I have had the honor to receive Your Despatch marked Separate of the 7th of October last, on the subject of the late dissolution of the Legislative Council.
2. Previous to thereceiptManuscript image receipt of Your Despatch, I had summoned the Council to meet in Session on the 18th Inst. I was therefore enabled to carry out your instructions without delay.
3. I opened the Session on the day fixed with the Speech transmitted in my Despatch No. 5 and the Council adjourned until the 22nd Instant.
4. In the Government Gazette of the 20th Instant, I issued a fresh ProclamationnotifyingManuscript image notifying the appointment of the several members constituting the Legislative Council.
5. Fresh Commissions having been prepared for each member, on the 22nd Instant I administered the usual Oaths and the Attorney General introduced a Bill to establish retrospectively all Acts and Proceedings taken before the re-appointment of the Council.
6. At the next sittingofManuscript image of the Council the Standing Orders were suspended by unanimous Vote to allow the Bill to be passed through the various stages without delay, and on the 24th Instant I assented in Her Majesty's name to the Ordinance transmitted in my Despatch No. 7 of the 26th Instant.
7. The Legislative Council now consists of the following members:
  1. Henry Maynard Ball, Acting Colonial SecretaryandManuscript image and Magistrate for Lytton.
  2. Henry P. Pellew Crease, Attorney General.
  3. Charles William Franks, Treasurer.
  4. Wymond Ogilvy Hamley, Collector of Customs.
  5. Joseph William Trutch, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works and Surveyor General.
  6. Chartres Brew, Magistrate, New Westminster
  7. Peter O'Reilly, Magistrate, Cariboo.
  8. Andrew Charles Elliot, Magistrate, Lillooet.
  9. John Carmichael Haynes, Magistrate, Osoyoos & Kootenay.
  10. Joshua Attwood Reynolds Homer, New Westminster District.
  11. Henry Holbrook, Douglas and Lillooet District.
  12. Clement Francis Cornwall, Hope, Yale, & Lytton District.
  13. George Anthony Walkem, Cariboo East & Quesnel Forks District.
  14. Robert Smith, Cariboo West & Quesnelmouth District.
8. The Commissions bear date from the 18th Instant and are to continue in force, unless disallowed by the Secretary of State until 1st June 1866.
9. I have not considereditManuscript image it advisable to withdraw another Magistrate from the Districts of the Upper Country to fill the vacancy in the Council caused by Mr H.M. Ball's temporary appointment as Acting Colonial Secretary.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Arthur N. Birch
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
(The Chief Clerk shd see this despatch ultimately with reference to the composition & names of the Councillors.)
ABd 2 April
Approve the Apptmts—vide Mr Jadis' minute on 3018 at once.
FR 16/4
(N.B. This seems to have missed me. I see it now for the first time.)
Manuscript image
Mr Blackwood
These are mere temporary Appointments which have already terminated and would require no further confirmation.
GG 4 May
Manuscript image
Put by.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Newspaper clipping, Government Gazette, no date, containing proclamation issued by Birch conveying notification of the composition of the new Legislative Council.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Cardwell to Officer Administering the Government, No. 21, 20 April 1866.