18th October 1867
My Lord Duke,
With reference to my despatches noted in the margin,
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Separate of the 30th July.
No. 92, and No. 93, of the 16th August.
No. 99 of the 4th September.
I have the honor to state that affairs appear to be in a more satisfactorystateManuscript image state in Cariboo now than when I last wrote.
2. Your Grace's telegram was telegraphed by me at once to Mr Brew with orders to enforce the law at any price and reached Cariboo the day before Mr Justice Needham gave his judgement and I have no doubt had considerable effect in assisting in a quiet settlement of the case. Mr Needham gave judgement in favour of theFlumeManuscript image Flume Company and their adversaries, the Canadians, acquiesced in a decision which deprived them of their Gold and of a rich claim.
3. I trust that no fresh orders contrary to the spirit of the telegram will be given to Admiral Hastings. On the contrary I hope that the written instructions will furnish him with still greaterlibertyManuscript image liberty of action should I unfortunately have to appeal to him for assistance. The Records of Your Grace's office will show how chary I have been of making use of any physical force placed within my reach in Honduras and elsewhere.
4. I may mention here that the moderation of my conduct in the late affair at Cariboo has brought down upon me an amount of abuseandManuscript image and invective from the Victoria Journals which it is impossible for Your Grace, without a knowledge of that town or a perusal of the papers to imagine.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke,
Your Grave's most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
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This despatch is substituted for one of similar purport but numbered 140 recd 3 Decr 1867.
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Substituted for despatch annexed by request of Govr See 11102/68.
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Sir F. Rogers
Ackn. receipt & refer to the D. of Buckingham's despatch No 85 (see 10657) sending copy of the instructions sent to the Admiral.
CC 4 Dec
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Yes but Mr S will not like them.
FR 4/12
CBA 6/12
B&C 6/12