16th November 1868
My Lord Duke,
On the 5th of June, I recommended that Mr William A.G. Young should not be appointed to the permanent office of ColonialSecretaryManuscript image Secretary of British Columbia without some further communication with me.
2. Your Grace informs me in reply on the 28th July that you will endeavour to select some well qualified Gentleman for the appointment, as Your Grace considers it of importance that the Governor should be able to repose entire confidence in an Officer holding thatSituation.Manuscript image Situation.
3. I am afraid I expressed myself too strongly. I did not pray for the removal of Mr Young, but rather that his confirmation should be delayed until I had had further opportunities of judging of him. In this Colony every public officer is so maligned that caution after caution has been conveyed to me to be on myguardManuscript image guard as respects Mr Young. After working for upwards of a year with him I have been unable to find out the slightest unfaithfulness on his part, and I must certainly state that I find him clever, hardworking and useful.
4. I cannot suppose that Your Grace would deprive Mr Young of Employment after his long official service.IndeedManuscript image Indeed I was authorized by Your Grace's Predecessor to assure Mr Young that in the event of his losing the Colonial Secretaryship he would be provided with a situation equivalent in value. I would refer Your Grace to the schedule of offices intended for the United Colony in which Mr Young's name is placed down either for the Office of Colonial SecretaryorManuscript image or that of Police Magistrate of Victoria. That schedule was made out principally by Mr Blackwood and myself and was submitted for the approval of the Earl of Carnarvon.
5. The Legislative Session is approaching and it would be difficult for a man new to the Colony to conduct the business of Colonial Secretary. When I shallhaveManuscript image have had the experience of a second Session under Mr Young's Presidency, I shall be prepared to submit a specific recommendation to Your Grace.
6. I telegraphed to Your Grace on this subject in these words: "Do not move Young yet."
I have the honor to be,
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
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See minutes on Confl/469 Novr 21, 1868.