No. 23
13 April 1869
With reference to my despatch No. 4 of the 30th December, I transmit to you a copy of a further letter from the Crown Agents respecting the liabilities of your Government on account of the British Columbia and Vancouvers Island Loans both as regards interest and Sinking fund.YouManuscript image You will observe that on the 12th March the contributions to the Sinking fund were in arrear to the extent of £6175 whilst a further sum of £4125 was required for interest and Sinking fund on the 1st April.
The Crown Agents have now reported to me the arrival of Bills amounting to £3500, which the Bank of England have been requested to discount, for the purpose of providing funds to pay interest on British Columbia Debentures due on the 1st of April. I am glad to find that provision is being made for meeting the claims oftheManuscript image the Debenture-holders, but I must point out to you that your Bills were not received in time for the payment of the interest on the day on which it was due.
I must also impress upon you, most urgently, the necessity for taking immediate steps to enable your government to keep faith with the creditors of the Colony in respect to the investments of the Sinking fund, for paying which either at once or by instalments you have not thought it necessary to make any proposal.
The amount which willbeManuscript image be required before October to cover arrears, sinking fund and interest now amount to about £15,550.
It is my intention under these circumstances to apply the remittances hereafter received from you as follows:
1. To the payment of the interest falling due in July viz. £3000 on account of British Columbia and £1200 on account of Vancouvers Island Loans.
2. To the extent of £8000 to the Sinking fund.
Until these charges have been met I cannot consent to the appropriation of any moneys towards the payment of the dividends whichwillManuscript image will become due in October 1869, and I shall expect remittances after that time sufficient at least to pay the interest, and, as rapidly as the revenues of the Colony will admit of, the full amount of the Sinking fund which fund should certainly be placed in its proper position before the dividends of April 1870 are paid.
As the consequences of this decision may be that it will become impossible to pay the interest due on the 1st October, I do not doubt that the Government of British Columbia will provide against a contingency so de[s]tructivetoManuscript image to their credit.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Copy, Sargeaunt to Sandford, 12 March 1869, transmitting a letter addressed to the Crown Agents "resquesting the payment, out of funds belonging to the Colony, of the sum of £141.1.3 to the War Department," and inquiring as to how this claim should be settled.