No. 146
17th November 1870
My Lord,
I have had the honor to receive Your Lordship's Despatch No 19, of the 5th September referring to the Loan Ordinance, 1870, and forwarding a Letter from Mr Julyan in which he offers various observations on my proposals for the financial arrangement of some local debt.
2. I have read MrJulyan'sManuscript image Julyan's remarks with care but they fail to convince me that the plan which I proposed was not the better to be followed in the existing circumstances of the Colony. I do not follow him into arguments which may be adduced to shew the abstract advantages of a large Loan over a plurality of smaller liabilities. I only consider what is likely speedily and practically to relieve the present difficulties of the Colony. And I see no reason to doubt that what I proposed would have done so more rapidly and moreeffectuallyManuscript image effectually than Mr Julyan's plan and at least at no greater eventual cost. I enclose a Memorandum from Mr Ker the Auditor General, and if it were not undesirable to occupy Your Lordship's time further upon this subject I could point out where I think Mr Julyan's judgment upon the advantages of the two schemes is erroneous.
3. But in my former Despatch No 71, of the 17th May, Paragraph 8, I intimated that it would not be any advantage to the Colony to consolidate the floating debt in the event of Union withCanadaManuscript image Canada being soon accomplished, and that I did not propose to take any action until I should have received the report of the Delegates then on their way to Ottawa. The terms which they have been able to agree upon with the Government of the Dominion are so well received by the Community and are likely from all appearances to be so favorably viewed by the Legislature at their next Session that Union is almost certain within the next Year. In this case the whole public debt will be assumed by the Dominion, and the Canadian Government can makewhatManuscript image what readjustment they think proper. It is not now desirable to disturb the existing arrangements, and I no longer propose to take any steps to obtain a Loan.
4. It is proper that I should remark in conclusion upon the observations in the closing Paragraph of Mr Julyan's Report which were likely and probably were intended to convey the impression that the Account of this Colony was in arrear with his Office. The last account transmitted to me, to 31st July, shewed a Credit of Thirteen hundred and fiftysevenManuscript image seven pounds, Fifteen shillings and seven-pence (£1357.15.7). It was not accurate to include October Dividends in liabilities stated to be due on the 26th August. I find that up to the 1st October Fourteen thousand, five hundred pounds (£14,500.0.0), had been remitted, of which only Seven thousand, five hundred pounds (£7,500.0.0), have been accounted for in the Statements received from the Crown Agents; and further remittances are on their way. The actual indebtedness of the Colony has not increased; and the balance against the Colony on Current Bank AccountisManuscript image is very materially reduced.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
A. Musgrave
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Herbert
The Governor proposed to raise a Loan of £75,000. Mr Julyan proposed an alternative scheme for readjusting the who[le] Public Debt of the Colony, & this led to a paper duel between them.
The Governor still says his scheme was the best, but adds, that in prospect of the early Union of the Colony with the Dominion of Canada, in which case theManuscript image readjustment of the Debt would rest with the Canadian Govt, the necessity for any Loan at all no longer Exists.
Send a copy to the Agents saying that Lord Kimberley is of opinion that the question need not be pursued any further.
If the Agents wish to explain some little differences of Amounts they can still do so.
CC 3 Jan 71
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
I agree.
RGWH Jan 3/71
Manuscript image
FR 4/1
K Jan 5/71
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Robert Ker, Auditor General, 22 October 1870, memorandum commenting negatively on the proposed loan arrangements devised by Julyan.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Herbert to Crown Agents, 9 January 1871, forwarding copy of the despatch and advising that in view of the impending union with Canada, "it is unnecessary to raise a loan for the Colony."