No. 157
10th December 1870
My Lord,
I have had the honor to receive Your Lordship's Despatch No 24 of the 22nd September, forwarding a Copy of the reply which you had received from the General Post Office, assenting to my recommendation that the Money Order System shouldbeManuscript image be extended to this Colony.
2. With reference to the enquiries contained in Mr Parkhurst's Letter, I have the honor to state that—
1. In the first instance it will be sufficient for the requirements of the Colony to make Orders payable at the Offices in Victoria, New Westminster, and Cariboo.
2. I would recommend that the rate of Commission should be the same as in the case of theDominionManuscript image Dominion of Canada, of which British Columbia will probably soon form a part—viz:
For sums not exceeding Two pounds, one shilling. For sums above Two, but not exceeding five pounds, two shillings; from Five to seven pounds, three shillings, and from Seven to Ten pounds, four shillings. But I would leave this to be settled in accordance with the general experience of the General Post Office.
3.Manuscript image
3. To the proposed Rules generally this Government will readily assent. But with regard to the eighteenth, I submit that remittances by every Mail to meet Drafts would be unnecessary in the case of this Colony; as the General Post Office has periodically to make payment on our account to the Crown Agents, in respect of the subsidy for carriage of the Mails to and from San Francisco which is paid hereinManuscript image in monthly instalments from the Colonial Treasury. The amount of Money Orders is not likely to be large, and the Imperial Office can then deduct it from the payments due from that Department to the Colony.
I have the honor to be,
My Lord,
Your most obedient
Humble Servant
A. Musgrave
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Herbert
To Post Office for information & with reference to their letter 10146. L[ithographed] F[orm].
CC 10 Jan 71
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At once.
RGWH Jan 10/71
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Answd by Post Office 1051 Jan 28.71.