Hammond to Under-Secretary of State
October 21, 1870
With reference to my letter of the 14th ultimo, I am directed by Earl Granville to transmit to you, to be laid before the Earl of Kimberley, a copy of a further despatch from Her Majesty's Minister at Washington in regard to the taking [of] the Census of the Island of San Juan.
I am also to transmit to you a copy of Lord Granville's reply to Sir Edward Thornton.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient
humble Servant
E. Hammond
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Herbert
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CC 25 Oct
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I hope Mr Fish was not making fun of our ambassador: I think not; & no doubt the census although taken will not be included in the general enumeration of the population of the United States. The F.O. seem to have taken it rather seriously.
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RGWH Oct 25/70
FR 25/10
K Oct 26/70
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Edward Thornton, Washington, to Granville, Foreign Office, 3 October 1870, informing him that the census of San Juan Island had in fact been carried out "about the end of June or beginning of July" [predating the avowed decision of the Department of State to exempt the island].
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Granville to Thornton, 21 October 1870, directing him to "ask Mr Fish for an explanation of the discrepancy between the promise made to you in reg[ard] to this matter . . . & their subsequent proceedings."