Watson to Herbert (Assistant Under-Secretary)
4 Lime Street Square E.C.
18th July 1870
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch dated the 16th Instant acquainting me, in reply to my letter of the 8th Instant, that His Lordship the Secretary of State cannot hold out to me any hope of an appointment in the Colonial Service, and further observing that I had omitted to mention that at the date of the abolition of my office I was offered another appointment of equal value.
In reply I have to request that you will acquaint His Lordship that having, in my previous correspondence with the Government, disposed of the objection raised in your observation I deemed it unnecessary again to refer to the subject. At the period named I was offered a temporary andsubordinateManuscript image subordinate office which I demurred to accept as an equivalent for my former appointment which was borne on the Fixed Establishment of VanCouver Island although I continued to act in the subordinate capacity as long as it was necessary for the convenience of the Government. Subsequently, on the 30th of March 1867, I received a Despatch from the late Governor Seymour offering to bring to the notice of the Secretary of State my claims for employment elsewhere provided I accepted six months leave on full pay with a free passage to England for myself and family. His Excellency at the same time expressing great regret that the financial condition of the Colony left him little hope of being able to offer me suitable employment within it. Having accepted this offer in lieu of the profits and emoluments guaranteed under the Royal Commission which I held I do not think that His Lordship, upon consideration of the whole merits of the case, will consider it fair to go behind the arrangement which I was induced to fall in with. Nor does it seem expedient, I respectfully submit,Manuscript image to stir up enquiry regarding the manipulations to which my office was previously subjected by the Government and Legislature more especially as the office which I then held has not up to this time been legally abolished.
I have therefore again respectfully to urge upon His Lordship's consideration my claims for re-employment or compensation.
I have the honor to be,
Your most obedient
and humble Servant
Alexander Watson

The Honourable Robert W. Herbert
&c &c
Downing Street
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Sir F. Rogers
It seems to me that it will be quite sufficient to refer him to the previous letter.
The case is even stronger agst him than it was put because he accepted, in expectation probably of getting something better, the subordinate office & did the duties & accepted the emolument for some time, & then threw it up & accepted in lieu a passage home & 6 months Salary. See Govr 5080/67.
CC 19 July
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Refer to previous answer.
WM 20/7
K July 20/70
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Rogers to Watson, 23 July 1870, referring him to their previous letter of 16 July 1870.