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To Earl of Kimberley Downing St Ldn

Phillipo would accept if without prejudice to eventual Canadian pension on failure of health but cannot move till June on account wifes serious illness.
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Mr Cox
This day at 5 P.M. Lord Kimberley has sent to the Governor of British Columbia the following telegram: Offer Philippo Puisne Judgeship in British Guiana salary fifteen hundred if he accepts he should proceed there forthwith wire reply.
ERW April 20/71
Answd by Telegram 4069, Apl 71.
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Mr Herbert
Mr Phillipo accepts the Judgeship in B. Guiana provided he can fall back on a Dominion Pension on failure of health.
See Governor Musgrave's despatch 144 & minutes. In par: 10 of his despatch— if the Attorney General & Col: Secy can be otherwise provided for I think it probable that the Canadian Govt may be relieved of anyManuscript image present necessity for the payment of Pensions—but I regard it as necessary that the provision should be made in the event of necessity & as security to the Officers concerned that they will not be allowed to go without either employment or pension. But it may readily be understood that the Pensions will not be drawn if the claimants are provided with suitable employment.
I think from what Mr Musgrave says in a previous part of the despatch thathisManuscript image his object & wish was to relieve the Columbian Govt from the necessity of asking the Canadian Govt to provide Pensions to be paid at once in the case of the Att. General & Col. Secy by providing for them elsewhere—in the case of all the other Officers by providing for them on the spot. But it is not to me quite clear whether he proposed that the acceptance of other Office was to ignore their right to fall back on a Pension for loss of their original Office.
Mr Phillipo wishes to beManuscript image assured that if his health breaks down before 10 years service in B. Guiana, he should fall back on his Canadian Pension. His present Salary is £800—probably the Pension would be about £400. I think he ought to be too glad to get an appt at once of £1500 without the condition he attaches to its acceptance, altho' his anxiety not to be left entirely unprovided for if his health fails him before 10 years, can be readily understood.
He says he cannot moveManuscript image before June.
CC 26/April
Mr Wodehouse
I do not see that we can undertake to say that the Canadian Govt will recognise Mr Philippo's claim to a pension in the event of his failing to earn one in B. Guiana.
You will be able to judge whether it is worth while to take any further steps with respect to his appointment if he will not accept unconditionally.
RGWH Ap 26/71
I agree with Mr Herbert that we cannot give Mr Philippo any pledge which would bind the Canadian government, and therefore I think that the offer of the Puisne Judgeship should be withdrawn, especially as he cannot leave B. Columbia before June. I would suggest that a telegram should be sent to Governor Musgrave in the following words— I am unable to assent to Philippos's conditions, and must appoint some one else.
ERW April 27/71
I agree.
K Ap: 27/71
Sent Apl 28 4 P.M.
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Draft reply, Kimberley to Musgrave, No. 35, 2 May 1871 (extensive revisions).
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Mr Herbert
Mr Wodehouse wished something to this effect to be written.