9461. Vancouver's Isld

5 Nov 1849.
I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith for the Information of Earl Grey,
2To Hudsons Bay Comp for information 16 Nov / 49
a Copy of a Letter from Rear Admiral Hornby dated the 29th August, No 78, with its enclosures, relative to the state of affairs in Vancouvers Island, and in the North West Territory.
I am
Your most obedient,
humble Servant,
J Parker

Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
As this communication does not raise any question it may, I presume, be put by?
ABd 6/10.
HM N. 6.
N. 7 BH
(There are two remarks worth making. If any one will refer to Mr Rodrester's book — & gather from that the way the Americans establish a new Govt — this account of the "neglect" of the Oregon Territory will correct his impressions. The Brit: Govt much abused as it is wd not so have neglected its subjects where it had decided to found a Colony.
2lyManuscript image the account of the Natives numerous & well armed — is an important fact & shews how little some very confident writers upon V.C.Id & applicants to this office for privileges to colonise it — knew of the Island. 3ly it furnishes a proof of the expediency of colonising the Island by means of a Company, of known character & authority in these regions.
Copy to the Co omitting the letter of their own official.
G. 8
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Nov 19 Detached letter of Mr Douglas & Sent to Sir J. Pelly, as he had not a copy.
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Draft, Colonial Office to Sir J. Pelly, Hudson's Bay Company, 16 November 1849, forwarding a copy of the letter and enclosure.
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Copy, Rear Admiral P. Hornby to Parker, 29 August 1849, describing the visit of HMS Inconstant, and Captain Shepherd's visit to Vancouver Island, with enclosure.
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Copy, Chief Factor James Douglas to Captain Shepherd, 28 May 1849, describing the state of affairs in the North West region (15 pages), enclosed in the above entry.
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Blackwood, Arthur Johnstone

Douglas, James

Grey, Henry George

Hawes, Benjamin

Hornby, Phipps

Merivale, Herman

Parker, John

Pelly, John Henry


Shepherd, John

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Colonial Office

Hudson's Bay Company

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HMS Inconstant, 1836-1862

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Oregon Territory, or Columbia District

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