9024. Vancouver's Island

Hudsons Bay House
Octr 24th 1851
My Lord,
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Mr Under Secretary Hawes's letter of the 10th Instant transmitting, for any observations which the Directors of the Hudson's Bay Company may have to offer, a Copy of a Despatch from the Governor of Vancouver's Island enclosing the Copy of a Memorial addressed to him by Andrew Muir complaining of ill treatment received from the Company's Servants at that Settlement.
I shall not trouble Your Lordship with any observations on the Statements contained in the
The Governor explains that the reason why he did not decide Muir's case was because considerable damages were claimed, & it did not admit of being summarily disposed of.
Memorial, but I cannot understand why the complaint was not heard and decided on by Governor Blanshard, as all judicial authority is vested byManuscript imageby Her Majesty in the Governor of the Colony, and there are no persons in the Company's service, I may venture to assure Your Lordship, who would not render every assistance in their power to the Governor in administering justice impartially to all.
With respect to the accomodations for the Passengers for the Ship "Tory" on their arrival, I beg to state that enquiry will be made on the subject; but so far were the passengers from being discontented with their treatment that, in consequence of the reports sent home by them, several applications have been made by their friends here for permission to go out to join them.
I have the honour to be
My Lord,
Your Lordships mo. obedt
humble Servant
JH Pelly
1The Right Honble
The Earl Grey
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I doubt whether this will be considered an entirely satisfactory answer: though possibly it is the sort of explanation expected from the Company. With regard to the question raised by the Governor as to the appointment of a paid magistrate it might be the wisest plan to wait the arrival in this Country of Mr Blanshard, from whom some personal information on the subject of the state of the Settlement will be obtained, before any decision is formed.
ABd 27/10.
Mr Hawes
I forward this for your consideration.
T.FE. 27/10.
O 27. It is to me unsatisfactory. The suggestion of Mr Blackwood is perhaps the only one. It must not be understood however that Ld Grey is satisfied with the Explanation, if it can be called such, afforded by the H.B.Cy. Is it worth while letting the Company know, that Ld Grey […] expects the arrival of the Govr & therefore abstains from ruling further upon the case?
Put by for the present. ⎯
G. 29
  1. This addressee information appears at the foot of the first page of the despatch.
  2. The following marginilia is in reference to a section of text marked with a curly brace; see image scan.
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