25th May 1852
I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of Secretary Sir John Pakington, Copies of a Letter from the British Consular Agent at San Francisco to Rear Admiral Moresby relative to the discovery of Gold in Queen Charlotte's Island, and of the Orders given for Her Majesty's Ship Thetis to proceed to assert the Sovereignty of Her Majesty over that Island &ca, and to visitManuscript image the Settlement of Fort Rupert in Vancouver's Island.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient humble Servant,
W.A.B. Hamilton

Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
This is merely a passing, though I do not doubt it will be a useful visit on the part of a British frigate at Queen Charlottes Island. The Admiral has orders to station a vessel off the "diggins".
ABd 29/5
It will be seen from Mr Aikins' letter of 1 March that the Indians are in great force at Q C I.
HM May 29
JSP June 1
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Aikin, British Consulate, San Francisco, to Moresby, 1 March 1852, reporting information obtained from Staines and two English sailors regarding the discovery of gold on Queen Charlotte Island and the activities of some British and American vessels in that region.
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
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Sailing Orders to HMS Thetis, 8 April 1852
Sailing orders to H.M.S. "Thetis"
By Fairfax Moresby, Esqre C.B.
et. et. etc

You are hereby required and directed when H.M.S. Thetis under your command is complete with provisions for six months consumption, and in all other respects ready to proceed to Queen Charlotte's Island and there make a full Enquiry into the circumstances stated in a letter from H.M's Counsul at San Francisco a copy of which is enclosed.
2. You will take measures to ensure that the Sovereignty of Her Majesty over QueenManuscript imageQueen Charlottes Island be respected and warn any adventurers that may be located or speculating on that coast that they are there only on Sufferance.
3. In your intercourse with the Natives you must be very cautious. Some of the Tribes being represented as treacherous, you should endeavor to impress them with the favor and protection of our Sovereign if they conduct themselves in a friendly and hospitable manner and the certainty of retribution should it be otherwise.
4. You must endeavour to obtain specimens of the precious metals and such informationManuscript imageinformation as may be desirable for HM's Government.
5. From Queen Charlotte's Island you are to proceed to the Hudsons Bay Company's settlement of Fort Rupert, Vancouvers Island and make yourself acquainted with the progress that has been made for obtaining Coal since the Daphne was there in July last as to the Number and character of any settlers that May have located there, the state of the Newitty Tribe which has hitherto escaped the punishment due to their crime, that of Murdering three Englishmen.
*The Admiral seems ignorant of the fearful punishments which ensued.
6. From Fort Rupert you are to proceedManuscript imageproceed to Esquimalt Harbour to communicate with the Governor at Victoria. You are to ascertain the number of persons free settlers or servants of the Hudsons Bay Company who have located there since July last. Whilst at Esquimalt you are to cut such spars as you can conveniently stow for the use of the Squadron.
7. From Esquimalt you are to proceed to San Francisco and communicate with H.M's Consul transmitting to myself and the L.C.A. any information that you may have collected.
8. If at San Francisco you should obtain information respecting British interests atManuscript imageat the Sandwich Islands, which seem's to require that your presence is necessary you are to return to Valparaiso by that route calling at the Board of Trade Islands but should this Necessity not be apparent you are to return to Valparaiso direct and immediately refit H.M's Ship Thetis for any service that she may be called upon to perform.
Given on board the Portland at Callao this 8th day of April, 1852.
(Signed. Fairfax Moresby
Rear Admiral and Commander in Chief

By command of the Commander in Chief (Signed) M.F. Moresby
Secretary P.S.
Augustus L. Kuper, Esq. C.B.
Captain of H.M's Ship, Thetis
P.S.Manuscript image
P.S. I trust that you will perform this service so as to arrive at Valparaiso not later than the middle of September. (Signed) Fairfax Moresby