16th Augt 1852
Having laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your Letter of the 12th Instant transmitting a Copy of the Instructions which Secretary Sir John Pakington proposes to issue to the Governor of Van Couvers Island, relative to Queen Charlottes Island, I am commanded by their Lordships to acquaint you for the information of Sir John Pakington that a Copy of your Letter and its enclosure have been sent to Rear Admiral Moresby for his information.
I am Sir
Your most obedient Servant
W.A.B. Hamilton

T.F. Elliot Esqre
Colonial Department
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Mr Elliot
The Admiralty state that they have sent out to the Admiral on the Station the instructions "proposed" to be issued to the Governor of VanCouver's Island. If any addition is to be made to those instructions, on account of the disposal of Land in Queen Charlotte's Island some variation between the two will exist; but by sending the Ady a copy of the despatch Sir JohnManuscript image Pakington actually sends out and expressing regret that the Admiralty should have prematurely forwarded a copy of a despatch not yet sent, and only proposed to be sen. the inconvenience of the difference between the two sets will be remedied.
ABd 18 Augt
The instructions require a modification which I have it in charge to prepare. When made I would suggest that it be explained to the Admiralty that the first Draft was only the sketch of proposed instructions as stated in our letter, and transmit the intended instructions requesting thatManuscript image the Admiral may receive a Copy. This will I think be sufficient notice to take of the matter. See Captain Hamiltons note to me, within.
TFE 19 August
JSP 20
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Draft, Colonial Office to Hamilton, 14 October 1852, enclosing the amended instructions and asking that a copy be forwarded to Moresby.