37 Great Ormond Street
30 August 1852
I regret that my absence from Town has prevented my sooner acknowledging your communication of 13 August 1852. [Marginal note. Perhaps from Mr. Pakington. There is no official Communication of this date. ABd] I now beg to forward you the document to which I alluded, being a memorial or address signed by every settler except one on Vancouvers Island; it was presented to me when on the immediate point of leaving the Island and I did not deposit any copy among the Colonial documents which I left there as the very nature of the memorial would draw down upon all who had signed it the ill will and oppression of the Hudson BayManuscript imagethe Hudson Bay Company's Servants, into whose hands the government of the Colony was passing.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your Most Obedient Servant
Richard Blanshard

The Rt Honble
Sir John Pakington
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
I apprehend that an acknowledgement of this Letter will suffice. The excuse for the employment of a gentleman belonging to the Hudson's Bay Company as Governor of a Settlement where the interests of the Company are so predominant is to be found in the simple fact that as no funds are voted by Parlt for the payment of the Salary of an independent person as Govr H.M. Govt had no option butManuscript image to employ one of the Hudson's Bay Company's officers, by which Co he is paid.
ABd 1 Sepr/52
TFE 2 Sepr
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Undated memorial (marked "Received 28 September 1851, R.B."), [Fn. Blanshard left VI on 1 Sept so date must be wrong. 28 August?] signed by 15 settlers of Vancouver Island to Blanshard, expressing concern at the appointment of a chief factor of the Hudson's Bay Company as governor, and asking that a council be appointed immediately to provide security against the interests of the company taking precedence over the interests of the colony as a whole.
Minutes by CO staff
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A Council consisting of 3 Members, Messrs Cooper, Todd [Tod], and Finlaison [Finlayson] were appointed in Augt & Oct last year and previously to Mr Blanshard's departure from the Colony.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Blanshard, 10 September 1852, acknowledging receipt of letter and enclosure.