No. 2
2nd March 1853
1. I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch of the 2nd of August, with copy of a letter from Mr Blanchard [Blanshard] late Governor of Vancouver's Island, in reply to your demand calling upon him, to deliver to the Colonial Office, copies of his correspondence with the Secretary of State, while holding the Office of Governor of Vancouver's Island.
2. I observe that Mr Blanchard remarks in his reply, that Copies or originals of his whole official correspondence, as Governor of Vancouver's Island, were left by him amongtheManuscript image the documents, which on his retirement he transferred to the Council of which Mr Douglas was the Senior Member, and that if now missing they must have been abstracted since that transfer.
3. The means are fortunately at hand of relieving the Council from the imputation of permitting documents to be abstracted from the public records, and with that view I herewith transmit an attested copy of a list, drawn up in Mr Blanchard's own hand, of the Official papers, which he transferred to the Council when that body was by him first appointed, on the day preceeding his departure from Victoria.
List of documents transferred to Council.
That list was bound up with the official papers, and was then compared and found to agree with them before the Council adjourned.
It was remarked at the time that the Governor's correspondence with the Secretary of State, was not among the documents transferred; but the Council having no official authority, beyond that derived from the Governor's appointment, did not consider it proper to call for other papers. I also beg to draw yourattentionManuscript image attention to the fact, that no mention is made in the list of such correspondence.
4. I trust that the evidence of his own list will satisfy Mr Blanchard, that he labours under a singular mistake with respect to the correspondence in question, which was assuredly never delivered to the Council.
5. I learn with much satisfaction from your Despatch, that my proceedings in the settlement of the difficulty with the Songies Indians have met with your approval, and I beg to assure you that I shall be careful to avoid collisions, and as far as may be possible to cultivate the friendship of all the Native Tribes.
6. I have also received the Book of Regulations for the guidance of the Governor's of Her Majesty's Colonial Possessions, forwarded with your Despatch, and observe that you have directed my attention to the Rules laid down in the 6th Chapter, as to the manner in which the correspondence with the Secretary of State should be conducted, and my attention shallManuscript image be directed to that subject in future.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your most obedt Servant
James Douglas

The Right Honorable Sir John S Packington Bart
Her Majesty's principal Secretary of State
For the Colonial Department
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I think Mr Blanshard ought to be furnished with Governor Douglas' distinct repetition of his assertion, supported now by proof, that Mr Blanshard did not leave behind him copies of his correspondence with the Secretary of State but as it is alleged that he has lost his papers in crossing the Isthmus of Panama it will be of no use to pursue the correspondence with him. The best thing will be to send Mr Douglas copies of his Predecessor's despatches to this Office.
ABd 24 May
So remit.
TFE 24/5
I agree.
HM May 26
FP 26
N 30
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
Manuscript image
List of Official Documents, transferred by Governor Blanchard to the Council of Vancouvers Island, 30 August 1851

Despatches from Lord Grey
Instructions etc.
Acts relating to Vancouver's Island
Letters from War office with Instructions
do Admiralty. Act for suppression of Piracy etc.
Letters from Dr Helmken
Admiral Moresby's
Correspondence relative to Colonial accounts January & February 1851.

We hereby certify that
The above is a true copy of the list of Official documents, transferred by Governor Blanchard to the Council of Vancouvers Island, on the 30th day of August 1851; the said list being written in his own hand.
James Douglas, Senior member
Jno. Tod M.C.
James Cooper
certified by Douglas, Tod and Cooper.
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 6, 9 August 1853. Transcribed below
Documents enclosed with the main document (transcribed)
Manuscript image
Gov Douglas 5623 VanCouver Island

No. 6

Governor Douglas

Vancouver Island
9 Aug/53

I have received your Despatch No 2, of the 2n March in which you state that neither the copies nor the originals of the Despatches which your Predecessor addressed to this Department, are to be found amongst the records of the Vancouver Island Govr .- To supply this deficiency I handout herewith copies of all the Despatchesfrom
Manuscript image
From Governor Blanshard
which are to be found amongst therecords of this Office