Vancouver Island Public Offices 1853
Admiralty1219 Feb. 4 Rear Admiral Moresby's report on status of Pacific squadron. 1219 V535AD011911 Mar. 2 Two warships to be sent to VI. 1911 V535AD023079 Mar. 8 Visit of the Virago to Queen Charlotte Island. 3079 V535AD035349 May 19 Moresby's report on limited protection given by HBC. 5349 V535AD045892 May 31 Despatch of Trincomalee to VI and QCI. 5892 V535AD058265 Aug. 23 Grant required for survey and charting of Georgia Strait. 8265 V535AD068605 Aug. 20 Prevost's report on Virago's visit to VI. 8605 V535AD079016 Sep. 6 Moresby's report of Prevost's visit and high price for coal charged by HBC. 9016 V535AD089415 Sep. 22 Visit of Virago to QCI. 9415 V535AD099834 Oct. 3 Redress for pillage of the Susan Sturges. 9834 V535AD1010231 Oct. 22 Erection of naval storehouses at Esquimalt. 10231 V535AD11
Foreign Office6160 June 14 Claim by US to San Juan Islands. 6160 V535FO018610 Aug. 23 Claim by US to San Juan Islands. 8610 V535FO028654 Aug. 25 Destruction of Susan Sturges by Indians. 8654 V535FO0312135 Dec. 19 Inland navigation of waters around QCI. 12135 V535FO04
Hudson's Bay Company331 Jan. 11 HBC survey of eastern coast. 1190 Feb. 4 Account of Peter Brown's murder by Indians. 1518 Feb. 18 Relaxation of rules regarding land purchases by emigrants. 1519 Feb. 18 Douglas's report regarding state of island. 1620 Feb. 21 Despatches forwarded to governor. 3284 Mar. 14 Despatches forwarded to governor. 3701 Mar. 24 Acknowledgement of report on visit of Virago to QCI. 4081 Apr. 7 Trial and execution of Brown's murderers. 4325 Apr. 17 Proposed church at Victoria. 5479 May 16 Sending of governor's despatches through post office. 6314 June 14 Appointment of magistrates and liquor licenses. 6315 June 17 Despatch of war ship Trincomalee to VI. 9032 Sep. 6 Despatches for governor. 9182 Sep. 10 Douglas's remarks on land price on VI. 10908 Nov. 10 Freedom of trade in settled districts. 10908 V535HB15* Dec. 24 Naval protection. 
Home Office3432 Mar. 16 Bright's suggestions regarding penal settlement. 3432 V535HO01
Land (Emigration Office)535 Jan. 19 Obligation of land purchasers to introduce immigrants. 535 V535LN016879 July 4 Easterby's application for lease of mineral lands in QCI. 6879 V535LN02
Miscellaneous4655 Apr. 28 Easterby's application for lease of mineral lands on QCI. 4655 V535MI018823 Aug. 30 Oaths used for appointing magistrates in England. 
Parliamentary6303 June 16 Gold discoveries in QCI. 
  1. index lists this under heading, Crown Office
  2. Reel 3, CO 305/4, index, pp. 339-341, PO begin p. 107 (Reel 2).
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