No. 3
30th January 1854 My Lord Duke
I have the honor to enclose herewith a Requisition, for Books and Printed Forms, and an Official Seal, for public documents, from the Collector of Her Majestys Customs for the Port of Victoria.
It is perhaps not perfectly regular to trouble Your Grace, with such Requisitions; the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Customs being in such cases I believe the authorities, who ought to be addressed, but I thought it expedient to transmit the present Requisition, through your Grace, for the reason,thatManuscript image that the Collector of this Port, was appointed by me to the office, he now holds, pending Her Majesty's approval, which I have not received, and I therefore thought it probable that the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Customs, might not attend to the application, unless it were sanctioned, by your Graces recommendation.
I have the honor to be
Your Grace's most obdt Servt.
James Douglas
Governor Vancouver's Island

His Grace The Right Honble The Duke of Newcastle
Her Majesty's principal Secretary of State
For the Colonial Departmt
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
The Governor is, I think, in error in supposing that these Requisitions ought properly to be sent to the Commissrs of Customs. The appointment of a Collector of Customs at Van Couvers Island was sanctioned by the Secretary of State as a matter of form (see Desp. N 2. 10 Feby 53) but he is not an Imperial Officer,Manuscript image and all expenses connected with the Settlement are defrayed by the Hudson's Bay Company. It is therefore to the Company that the Requisitions should be sent?
VJ 15 April
Mr Blackwood
I am not quite sure how this stands. The Company are I think bound to save Government harmless from all expense at Vanc. IdManuscript image but I suppose the customs duties (whenever any are raised) will be received on behalf of the Crown & not the Company, & that expenses of this kind will be a preliminary charge on the receipts?
HM Apl 21
1. It is my impression that the Company is entitled to remunerate
itself only out of its profits on the sale of Land and Coal, & other minerals, & cannot lay claim to Customs duties, when levied. If so these duties belong to the Crown, by whom the expense of this requisition ought to be defrayed. Therefore I should say this desph shd be sent to the Treasury.
2. It seems that on the 30 Jany/54, the Governor had not recd the Duke of Newcastle's desph of the 10 Feby/53. Send him therefore a duplicate—or rather a triplicate as we do send duplicate Desphs to VanCouver's Island.
ABd 21 April
HM 21 April
I should say that the Company ought to defray the cost of this
requisition. It is to be remembered that there are no Customs dues at Vancouver's Island, and that the Collector of Customs will have no duty but that of granting clearance to vessels &c. See Mr Douglas' desp. 933/53 last par. To the Company therefore I think.
FP 25
I think so, but it is not very clear.
N 25
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Peel to A. Colvile, Hudson's Bay Company, 3 May 1854, forwarding copy of despatch and enclosure and replying that "it rests with the Company and not with H.M.'s Government to comply with a demand of this nature."
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Requisition for stationery supplies, no date, submitted to Douglas by James Sangster, Collector of Customs.