No. 6
Downing Street
18 December 1854
I transmit to you the copy of a Memorial from Mr Robert Swanston complaining of the conduct of the Collector of Customs at Port Victoria in refusing to grant a permit for his Vessel the "William Allen" to proceed to other HarboursofManuscript image of the Island for the purpose of collecting Native produce.
I observe from one of the enclosures annexed to this Memorial that you declined on a former occasion to transmit to the Secretary of State a representation from the same individual, and there may possibly have been sufficient grounds to justify that course, but as it appears from the endorsement of the present Memorial that you are in possession of the original, and as I have received no communication fromyouManuscript image you on the subject I have to request that you will furnish me with a report on the allegations contained in it, explaining at the same time any reasons which may have induced you to withhold the transmission of this and the document above referred to, in contravention of the established rules for the conduct of Official correspondence.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Your most obedient humble servant
G. Grey

Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
1. Swanston to Grey, 15 September 1854, stating his grievance and enclosing the following documents:
Manuscript image
1.1. Swanston to Collector of Customs James Sangster, 24 July 1854, ding clearance of his vessel.
Manuscript image
1.2. Sangster to Swanston, 24 July 1854, stating Douglas would not allow customs to clear his vessel to the harbour of San Juan and Clayoquot because there was no settlement there.
Manuscript image
1.3 Richard Gollege to Swanston, 27 March 1854, returning his memorial because Douglas did not think it proper to forward to London.
Manuscript image
1.4 Document signed by E.E. Langford, 18 April 1854, verifying the authenticity of Gollege's letter of 27 March.