Shepherd to Labouchere
Hudsons' Bay House
25th February 1856
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of Mr Merivale's letter of the 18th Instant, forwarding for the information of the Directors of the Hudson's Bay Company copies of three Dispatches respecting the calling together of a General Assembly in Vancouver's Island, which you propose to address to Governor Douglas by the Mail of the 1st March, and I beg to convey to you the acknowledgements of the Directors for the consideration given in those instructions to the interests and position of the Hudson's Bay Company.
When I had the honour ofManuscript imageof an interview with you on this subject, I explained the grounds upon which after reconsideration, the Governor and Committee were then inclined to recommend the more simple form of governing the Island by order of Her Majesty in Council, but as you have now decided that their objections on the grounds of the limited number of the Settlers, and the circumstance of the majority of them being more or less subject to the influence of the Hudson's Bay Company, do not furnish sufficient cause for delaying the calling together of a General Assembly, I beg, on the part of the Directors, to assure you that confiding in the support and protection of Her Majestys Government in the Event of unjust imputations being cast upon the Company, or upon the proceedings of the Legislative Body on the grounds adverted to, they willManuscript imagewill afford Governor Douglas their cordial co-operation and assistance in furthering the views of Her Majesty's Government.
It is satisfactory to the Directors to observe that you have been pleased to allow Governor Douglas discretionary power to act according to the particular circumstances existing on the Island, and they would beg leave to suggest that, as the proceedings of the Governments of some of the smaller West India Islands have been pointed out as an example that might be followed with advantage, it could not fail to be useful to Governor Douglas if he were furnished with any existing code of laws or regulations adopted at those Islands, and a Memorandum shewing their forms ofManuscript imageof procedure.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your obedient Servant
John Shepherd
Depy Govr

The Right Honble Henry Labouchere
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Mr Merivale
This suggestion is a very natural one, & should, I presume, be acted upon—but I scarcely know which of the smaller W. India Islands will supply us with an example suitable for V. Island.
ABd 26/F
I have already been speaking to Mr Meyer [Mayer] on this
subject. Put by.
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