No. 14
6 April 1858
1. I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch No 4 of the 1st of February last, referring to the draft of a letter from the Governor and Directors of the Hudson's Bay Company, which I have since received, and further containing the instructions of Her Majesty's Government, as to the course which is to be taken in the event of an immigration of the Mormons fromtheManuscript image the territory of Utah into British Territory on the north west coast of America.
2. I am glad that Her Majesty's Government have favoured me, with the clear and distinct expression of their views, on the subject, contained in that Despatch; which at once generously grants, within the Colony of Vancouver's Island, a refuge for political exiles, provided they yield obedience to the Laws, and avoid public scandals, and lead quiet and honest lives; but at the same time, for cogent reasons of public policy, explicitly forbids, under all circumstances, the grant of any rights of occupation whatever, to any Mormons, who may apply for admission to occupy any portion of the North Western Territory.
3. In consequence ofthatManuscript image that communication from Her Majesty's Government we have been watching the progress of the political movements in Utah with the closest attention; but we have not as yet received intimation of the approach of any body of Mormons to any part of Her Majesty's Dominions on this coast; neither is it probable that they will ever succeed in reaching Vancouver's Island by the exceedingly difficult and expensive overland route from Utah.
4. They may, however, be attracted, by the reputed auriferous wealth, and decided beauty of the fertile valleys of Thompson's River, and attempt to form settlements in that country which is within one month's easy march of Utah, through an open country presenting no obstacles of route, which thoseenterprisingManuscript image enterprising fanatics could not surmount.
5. In case however of any such visitation I shall not fail to give full effect to the instructions contained in your Despatch and in case of need I will apply to Her Majesty's Government for advice and assistance.
I have etc.
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Copy to For: Office, Hudson's Bay Co.
ABd 29 May
According to the Times' California correspondent of today, an influx of a different class of settlers may be expected from that State—free coloured people, driven away by some recent legislation.
HM May 31
C June 1
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Draft, Colonial Office to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 5 June 1858, forwarding copy of the despatch.
Draft, Colonial Office to John Shepherd, Hudson's Bay Company, 5 June 1858, forwarding copy of the despatch.