Bere to Merivale
January 30rd 1858
My dear Mr Merivale,
I do not know whether you are still in want of information about the Conventions alluded to in the license trade of 1838. I believe the enclosed paper is a complete list of all those that have to do with the matter.
Convention of Commerce still exists, and under it the subjects of the United States would have liberty to trade in the chartered territory of the Company, unless prevented by the terms of the charter, and in the licensed territory, unless prohibited by the grant of monopoly given by the license. Manuscript imageThe contemporaneous conventions relating to the North West Coast concern Oregon and the disputed boundary. As long as the disputes about this country were unsettled both nations had liberty to trade therein, and the power to the American citizen to trade is expressly preserved in the first license. In the second license the same ?ress was not required, as the convention might be terminated at any period by notice, and was practically annulled by the Boundary treaty of 1846, negotiations for the settlement of which were being carried on at the time of the granting of the 2nd license between the Manuscript imagecountry and the States.
Yrs very truly,
M. Bere. […]1
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Labouchere
I caused this to be registered as it appears to point out some very important facts in the present state of affairs as regards N. W. America, although I do not see that any steps are now required in consequence.
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Complete list of all conventions alluded to in the license of trade of 1838.
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  1. Unclear note made next to signiature. Reads --? Co.
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