Leonard to Secretary of State
30 Frances St. Woolwich S.E.
15 February 1858
I have the honour to request you will be pleased to inform me whether you will extend "the remission of purchase money of land to Naval and Military Officers" to the Colony of Vancouver's Island as I am desirous of emigrating there with a numerous grown up family, and know from actual experience of the Colony that without that assistance from Government it would be impossible to succeed as a settler without a large capital.
I have to apologize for having trespassed on your time but it is a matter of the greatest importance to me, and I have no other means of obtaining the information.
I have the honour to be Sir
Your most obedient humble
H.B. Leonard
Captain Royal Marines Half
The Right Honourable The Colonial Secretary Downing Street, London
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
This person might prove a very desirable settler, for his antecedents as a British Officer, & his family are alike advantageous to a young place. But whilst the Settlement belongs to the Hudson's Bay Company land can only be purchased.
ABd 18/F
Mr Merivale
I apprehend that the proper answer to this letter is that the privilege of a remissionofManuscript image of purchase money in favor of Military and Naval Officers has not been extended to Vancouvers Island.
TFE 19 Feby
The answer I think should simply be to inform this officer that the regulations on this head do not extend to Vanc. I. the soil of which has been granted to the H B Company, but that his letter has been transmitted to the Company. And send the Company copy of the correspe accordingly. Annex draft.
HM F 19
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Draft, Fortescue to Leonard, 24 February 1858, advising that a copy of his letter had been sent to the Hudson's Bay Company.
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Draft, Merivale to John Shepherd, Hudson's Bay Company, 25 February 1858, forwarding copy of correspondence with Leonard.