Williams to Secretary of State
Aylmer, Canada West
July 27th 1858 To the Right Honble The Secretary for the Colonies
My Lord,
I beg to call your attention to certain documents, relative to the Settlement of Vancouver's Island and the adjoining British Coast, that I had the honour to transmit, in May last, for your Consideration. Your lordship will perceive from the date of my first Communication to Mr Labouchere, in April 1857, that the SettlementManuscript image of the island, and not the acquisition of Gold, is the inducement for the projected emigration.
As the expense and danger of removing so far either by the way of the Isthmus of Panama or across the Continent will be very considerable; and must greatly lessen the means of the immigrants; we confidently anticipate that her Majesty's government will be graciously pleased to allow free grants of land to actual Settlers (being British Subjects)Manuscript image so that what little means may remain to the immigrant after reaching his destination may be available for the purpose of creating a home for his family.
As this communication to your lordship, has no reference to Canada or Canadian affairs, may I take the liberty to request, that your lordship will be pleased to direct the answer to me, without the intervention of the Secretary of the Governor of Canada.
I have the honour to be,
Manuscript image your lordships,
Most obt ServT
A. Williams (Surgeon)
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Ansr through the Governor, as usual, that free grants of land are not made to persons desirous of establishing themselves in V.Couver's Island, or B. Columbia.
ABd 13 Augt
Annex dt.
HM A 15
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Manuscript image
Colonial Office to Sir Edmund Head, 18 August 1858, asking him to acknowledge the letter and advise Williams that free grants of land are not available to persons immigrating to Vancouver Island or British Columbia.