No. 7
19 February 1859
I have the honor to acquaint you that Her Majesty's Ships Tribune and Pylades have arrived at Esquimalt, from China and India, the former on the 13th Instant with 150 Supernumerary MarinesManuscript imageMarines, and the latter on the 14th Instant.
2. The Senior Naval Officer having represented to me that this number of Marines could not be accommodated on board the Ships of the Squadron, and suggested that the major part should be landed at the Naval Hospital Buildings at Esquimalt, which could be easily prepared for their reception. I gave my concurrence to the arrangement and directed the Surveyor General, Mr Pemberton, to undertake what additionalManuscript imageadditional work was necessary for the proper accommodation and comfort of the Officers and Men. About 100 have consequently been disembarked at the Naval Hospitals, those sick going into the sick wards. The remainder have been distributed amongst the Pylades, Tribune, & Satellite.
3. The men are generally in good health, and I feel much satisfaction in having so effective a force available in case of Emergency.
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The arrival of this Force, accompanied by 150 Marines, & the near approach of the Main body of the R. Engineers in the Thames City will surely put the Governor completely at his ease with respect to Military assistance if he should require it.
ABd 11 Apl
HM Apl 12
Very satisfactory.
Copy to Admiralty. L[ithographed] F[orm].
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Draft, Elliot to Admiralty, 28 April 1859, forwarding copy of the despatch.