No. 5
26 January 1860
I have the honor of acknowledging the receipt of Your Grace's Despatch No 14 of the 20th of October last, Conveying to me the instructions of Her Majesty's Government with respect to providing means forManuscript imagefor defraying the expense of the Civil Administration of Vancouvers Island.
2. I beg to assure Your Grace in reply that I was not unprepared for the instructions I have now received, and that the measures reported in my Several Communications noted in the margin,
No 60. Novr 26th 1859
No 63. Decr 17th 1859
No 4. Jany 25th 1860
Circulated with another despatch from Gov Douglas 2760.
for Extending Parliamentary franchise; creating new electoral Districts in order to ensure a full representation of the people; dissolving the late House of Assembly on account of its not imposing taxes for the Support of Government, and Calling another House with larger views, are preparatory Steps in the plan of providing for the service in question; and I am of opinion that the Colony is now capableManuscript imagecapable, without overtaxing its financial resources, of defraying the ordinary and regular Expenses of her Government.
3. In that case however the Legislature will no doubt make an urgent appeal for the Control and entire disposal of all monies arising from the Sale of Crown Land, and other Sources of revenue; and I shall feel much obliged if Your Grace will inform me, as soon as may be convenient whether Her Majesty's Government will sanction such arrangement, providing the Colonial Legislature undertakes to defray the expense of the Civil List, by which I mean payment for Services of a permanent nature, such as the salary of the Governor, Chief Justice, Colonial Secretary, Treasurer, AttorneyManuscript imageAttorney General, and other officers engaged in the administration of the Civil Government of the Colony; and providing that such payments, whatever their amount may be, Shall be fixed by law, and not merely placed on the Estimates for the Year.
4. I have further to assure Your Grace that I will not fail to prepare an estimate of the Salaries to be paid, and of the expense of the Civil administration of the Colony, and to urge its acceptance by the Legislature at an early period of the approaching session; and it will then, I trust, be in my power to carry on the Government as you have directed,Manuscript imagedirected, without the aid of the Civil officers of British Columbia.
I have etc.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
The Govr asks for early instructions as to the control & disposal of the proceeds of land Sales. On this point see the Minutes on 10758.
VJ 13 M
Mr Fortescue
This crossed ours of 21 Feb. last which will have informed him that the right to dispose of these funds is in the Crown, Manuscript imageand not the Assembly.
But now arises the very serious question, how to use those rights? Whether to transfer them to the Assembly? & if so on what conditions?
You are aware that unless the HB Co. succeed in depriving us of the site of the city of Victoria, this revenue promises to be a very considerable one indeed, relatively speaking to the size of the island.
My inclination on the whole would be to transfer the property on the following conditions.
Defraying all the civil establishment.
And certain military expenses, to be fairly settled beforehand.
Provision that HM's vessels & military departments should have at all times ensured to them a supply of coal free of cost (or under advantageous terms to be settled by the Governor).
Perhaps reservation of any discovery which may be made of gold deposits? Though I do not see much use in this.
The Duke may wish for a report from the Land & Em Comrs.
HM Mh 14
It wd be well to refer it first to the L & E Commrs?
CF 15
This will be an important step in the future progress & fortunes of this Colony, and it is desirable to collect all our examples and warnings from other Colonies. I should wish therefore to have a report from L & E. Commrs.
N 18
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Draft, Colonial Office to Emigration Commissioners, 28 March 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch for report.
Minutes by CO staff
Mem. The Land Board should be supplied with the Governor's original despatch on acct of the Minutes wh: are on it; & Mr Murdoch shd be informed of the presence in England of the Surveyor General, Mr Pemberton, who will be able to afford him local information, of some value.