27 January 1860
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Graces Confidential Despatch of the 16th November last, informing me that the Government of the United States had declined to accept the compromise of the question of Title to the Island ofManuscript imageof San Juan, proposed by Lord John Russell's Despatch of the 24th of August, and, in forwarding me a copy of the instructions issued to General Scott by the Government of the United States, directing me to place upon the Island a force Equivalent to that retained by the United States.
2. Immediately on receipt thereof I communicated with Rear Admiral Baynes, the Naval Commander in Chief, and on the following day he called upon me. I laid before him Your Graces Despatch, and after consultation, we mutually agreed, that as all was quiet at San Juan, and as the next Mail (which is expected in the course of a few days), would bring intimation of General Scott's arrival at WashingtonManuscript imageWashington, and probably some Communication from Lord Lyons which might affect the proceeding, it would be advisable to defer carrying out the instructions of Her Majesty's Government, until after that Mail had been received; which arrangement I trust may meet with Your Grace's approval.
I have etc.
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VJ 15 March
Foreign office? Adding that the Duke of Newcastle proposes to approve of the Governor's delay in carrying out these instructions? I am not quite familiar with the course of this correspondence.
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Mr Merivale
This bears upon the difference between Governor Douglas and R. Admiral Baynes which you will find reported in 3072/Admy herewith.
Copy has not yet been sent to the For: Office.
ABd 22/March
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Draft, Elliot to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 19 April 1860, forwarding copy of the despatch and expressing Newcastle's approval of the governor's actions.