Booth to Under-Secretary of State
Office of Committee of Privy Council for Trade
25 January 1860
Referring to the letter from this Department of the 12th October last on the subject of the Lanterns and Apparatus for the Lighthouses at Vancouver's Island, and also to your letter of the 6th Instant transmitting Copy of a Despatch from the Governor of that Colony relating to the Lightning Conductors required for those Lighthouses I am directed by the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade to acquaint you for the information of HisManuscript imageHis Grace the Duke of Newcastle that the required Works and Stores (as per annexed List and Bill of Lading) have been forwarded to the Governor in the Ship "Grecian" which vessel sailed for Vancouver's Island on the 21st instant.
It will be seen from the annexed list that in addition to the works of the lanterns and Apparatus my Lords have caused to be forwarded Oil and Stores sufficient for the exhibition of the lights for one year.
As regards the Lightning Conductors my Lords have not sent the length of rod requested by the Colonial Surveyor as it is not necessary that a Conductor should extend from the top of the Lantern into the water.
The Conductor should be screwed to the base of the Lantern and when it reaches theManuscript imagethe ground it should be carried under ground to a distance of ten or fifteen feet, the plate of copper at the end being buried to a depth of two or three feet and if a wet spot can be found, it should be selected for burying the plate.
One hundred and eighty feet of Copper rod has been forwarded which it is considered is ample for both Lighthouses.
The end fittings for the rods of both Lighthouses have also been sent together with Lewises for fixing the Rod to the stone work of the Towers.
My Lords have in accordance with the request of the Governor engaged the services of two Persons as Lightkeepers.
George Davies and William Roberts the men engaged haveManuscript imagehave proceeded to their duties by the Grecian.
Both men are competent to superintend the fitting of Lanterns and Lighting Apparatus and my Lords have therefore considered it unnecessary to send out a third person expressly for that purpose as requested by the Governor.
George Davies has been engaged at a Salary of One hundred and fifty pounds (£150) per Annum and William Roberts at a Salary of One hundred pounds (£100) per Annum and the conditions of their respective engagements are set forth in the enclosed Agreements which I am to request may be forwarded to the Governor in original.
The two men embarked on board the "Grecian" on the 21st Instant and their pay in accordance with their Agreements commences from that date.
George Manuscript image
George Davies has been paid thirty seven pounds ten shillings (£37:10:0) and William Roberts twenty five pounds (£25:0:0) as three months advance of their Salaries and their passage by the "Grecian" has also been paid.
It will be seen from the Agreement with George Davies that my Lords have consented to advance the money required for the conveyance of his wife and three children to Vancouvers Island in the "Grecian".
The sum agreed upon for the conveyance of the Wife and three children is Seventy three pounds ten shillings (£73:10:0) half of which sum is to be paid in this Country and the other half in the Colony.
The sum of thirty six pounds fifteen shillingsManuscript imageshillings (£36:15:0) has been paid by the Board of Trade in accordance with the above Agreement and I am to request that the Governor may be instructed to pay the remaining half (thirty six pounds fifteen shillings) (£36:15:0) on the arrival of the wife and Children in the Colony and to deduct the whole of the money so advanced (Seventy three pounds ten shillings) (£73:10:0) from the pay of George Davies in accordance with his agreement.
I have etc.
James Booth
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Copy to Governor—with reference to the D. of Newcastle's desph of the 21 October, & to previous correspce on this subject.
ABd 26 Jany
Annex dt.
HM Jan 26
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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List of hardware and supplies sent for "Race Rocks Lighthouse" and "Esquimalt Lighthouse," no date.
Manuscript image
Bill of Lading for the above goods, dated London, 16 January 1860, signed by Robert B. Miller, master of the Grecian.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 6, 3 February 1860.