Arbuthnot to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
19 May 1860
With reference to your letter of 17th Instant, stating that the Duke of Newcastle has no objection to such a short preliminary examination of the Accounts of the Hudson's Bay Company as this Board may deem indispensable before making the payment to the Company of £25,000 towards the adjustment of their claims consequent upon the resumption of Vancouver's Island by the Crown, I am commanded by the Lords Commissoners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaintManuscript imageacquaint you, for the information of His Grace, that they have appointed Mr Foster, the Assistant Paymaster General to inspect the accounts in question in conjunction with an Officer of the Emigration Office, and that the necessary instructions have been given to Mr Foster to lose no time in making such a preliminary investigation and report as will satisfy My Lords of the propriety of issuing the sum of £25,000 on account, in accordance with the desireManuscript imagedesire expressed by His Grace the Secretary of State.
I am etc.
G. Arbuthnot
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
See Mr Blackwood's draft to H.B.Co, annexed.
TFE 22/5
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Manuscript image
Rogers to Edward Ellice, Hudson's Bay Company, 21 May 1860, advising that Foster, accompanied by Lewes of the Emigration Office, would visit Hudson's Bay House for a preliminary examination of the company's accounts.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Elliot
We received notice from the Land Board yesterday afternoon, after the Duke of Newcastle had gone to the Ho: of Lords, that at 12 oclock this day An officer of the Treasury and one from the Land Board wd attend at the Hudson's Bay House Manuscript imageto make the preliminary inspection insisted on by the Treasury. It was therefore necessary, at once, to apprize the Hudson's Bay Co with a view to preparing them. And with the sanction of Sir F. Rogers, I wrote this draft, which you will probably now submit to His Grace for his approval.
ABd 22 May
TFE 22 May
FR 22/5
CF 22
N 23
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Draft, Rogers to Emigration Commissioners, 21 May 1860, forwarding copy of the Treasury letter and asking that someone from their office be appointed to accompany Foster.