No. 2
7 January 1861
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Grace's despatch No 35 of the 16th September last, transmitting copy of a despatch from her Majesty's ChargeƩ d'affaires atWashingtonManuscript image Washington enclosing copies of his communications with Mr Trescot on the subject of the substitution of Military for Civil jurisdiction in San Juan.
2. I await your Grace's instructions for the withdrawal of the Civil Magistrate from that Island whose legal jurisdiction virtually ceased when the sovereignty of the IslandwasManuscript image was admitted on both sides to be in suspense. I would therefore, since no advantage can be gained from his continuing to reside there, recommend the removal of that Officer from the Island.
I have etc.
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Mr Elliot
For: Office.
ABd 7/3
Mr Fortescue
The foreign Office should be informed and kept in agreement with us, but I apprehend that our Department ought to express an opinion whether or not to assent to the Governor's view that a Civil Magistrate should be withdrawn. I should think that he is quite right.
TFE 7 March
I think so too. Express that opinion to the F.O.?
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Elliot to E. Hammond, Foreign Office, 19 March 1861, forwarding copy of the despatch and asking for their agreement to withdraw the Civil Magistrate.