Hamilton to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
15 August 1861
I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majestys Treasury to acquaint you that Two Bills of Exchange—for £600 and £400 respectively—drawn by James Douglas Esqr, Governor of Vancouver's Island—have been left at the office of the Paymaster General, and I am to request that you will inform My Lords whether, in the opinion of the Duke of Newcastle, these Bills shouldbeManuscript image be accepted and paid.
I am etc.
Geo. A. Hamilton
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
We have no advice from the Governor respecting the draft of these Bills.
EB Pennell 16-8/61
So inform the Treasury (having clearly ascertained that it is so). But add that the D. of N is notwithstanding of opinion that it is necessary to acceptManuscript image & pay the Bills for the credit of the Governor. Add that Mr D will be called upon for an Explanation.
FR 16/8
Mr Pennell has ascertained from the Treasy that the bills form part of the bill for 3000£ reported in 3650 V.C.I. and of which the acceptance was sanctioned in our letter of 28 May.
Ackne [and] state that the D of N. would suggest that examination should be made whether these bills are not part of the sum of 3000£ wh the Govr reported himself to have raised by bills in this Country in his dph of 19 Feb 1861. If this shd be the case their acceptance & payment has been recommended in the C.O. letter of the 28 of May and in any case it wd be desirable that they shd be accepted for the honor of the Govr.
But I shd like to see Mr Pennell when the dr[af]t comes down in order to be sure that I understand the position of affairs as betn us & the Treasy.
FR 19/8
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Rogers to Hamilton, 21 August 1861, stating that they presume the two bills in question to be part of a bill for £3000 previously recommended for payment.