Hamilton to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Treasury Chambers
21 August 1861
With reference to your letter of the 29th ult I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of Her Majestys Treasury to acquaint you that Their Lordships concur with the Duke of Newcastle that the accounts of the Hudson's Bay Company should be subjected to a strict examination before any further payment to the Company is made. My Lords, however, have to suggest whether such an examination might not be undertaken either by the Audit Office, or by Gentlemen of Experience in the Audit Office, and the largechargesManuscript image charges incidental to the employment of a Professional Accountant thereby avoided.
If His Grace, after communication with the Hudson's Bay Company, should approve of the course recommended my Lords will be prepared to give the necessary instructions on the subject.
I am etc.
Geo. A. Hamilton
Minutes by CO staff
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EBP 22-8/61
Mr Fortescue
I think this wd be much better than the Accountant. But the gentleman apptd shd be placed in communication with this Office, & it shd be pointed out to the Treasy at once that it will be impossible to apply to the books of a Trading Compy the sameManuscript image kind of rules as are applied to those of public accountants & that the officer employed should be made clearly aware of this in order to avoid minute controversies wh wd lead to nothing.
FR 22/8
Yes. It is a pity that we did not sooner obtain the Try opinion—wh. wd. have saved delay & trouble.
CF 22
I concur.
N 24
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Rogers to Emigration Commissioners, 30 August 1861, advising that the examination of the company's accounts was to be conducted by a gentleman of experience in the Audit Office and directing them to decline the services of accounting firm Coleman, Turquand, Youngs & Co.
Minutes by CO staff
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Sir F. Rogers
I suppose this Draft ought to be written.
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Rogers to Hamilton, 30 August 1861, agreeing with the Treasury's suggestion, with additional remarks.