Lugard to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
13 July 1861
I am directed by Lord Herbert to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 4th instant together with its enclosure from the Foreign Office expressing the wish of Lord John Russell that a Regiment should be sent to Vancouver Island without delay.
In reply I am to acquaintyouManuscript image you for the information of the Duke of Newcastle that orders could be sent by the Mail of the 26th for a Regiment to go from China to Vancouver Island; but, before giving them, Lord Herbert desires to represent to His Grace that His Royal Highness the General Commanding in Chief entertains a strong opinion, in which Lord Herbert concurs, that it is not advisable,exceptManuscript image except in cases of great emergency, to isolate small bodies of Troops in positions where it is impossible to support them if attacked.
I am to add that, should Her Majesty's Government decide that a Regiment should be stationed at Vancouver Island, provision should be made by the Admiralty that a sufficient Naval Force should be so stationed as to afford the necessarysupportManuscript image support.
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Mr Elliot
I conclude that a copy of this Letter should be sent to the For: Office. As Lord J. Russell has thrice expressed his opinion that a Regt shd be sent to V.C. Island his Lordship will probably not change his mind from the fear of its wanting support. The object of sending a Regt being on account of Imperial & not solely colonial concern the F.O. will next communicate with the Admy.
ABd 15/7
Forwarded for consideration.
TFE 15 July
Duke of Newcastle
I suppose we can only send this to the F.O. for Lord J.R.'s consideration. I think this despatch of Troops sh. be treated, as far as possible, as a Foreign Office affair.
CF 15
To the F.O. immediately. I will speak to Ld J.R. about it.
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Elliot to Lord Wodehouse, Foreign Office, 17 July 1861, forwarding copy of the letter.