Pemberton to Blackwood (Senior Clerk)
45 Albany St
Regent's Park, N.W.
February 13h 1861 Arthur Blackwood Esqre Colonial Office &c

Herewith I furnish Maps of Victoria Town and District which may be of Service in questions now pending between Her Majesty's Government and the Hudson's Bay Company.
I propose to leave Liverpool by an early Steamer so as to catch the New York Steamer to Aspinwall on the 5th proxo (5th and 20th of each month) which will I trust be satisfactory.
I should feel much obliged by receiving an authority to draw half pay in this country.
I have the honor to be Sir respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
J.D. Pemberton
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Acke rect of the Maps.
The Letter to Mr Pemberton of 19 July authorizes him to draw for 1/2 salary. After giving him that permission It will be necessary to find the means enabling him to avail himself of it. There are no V.C. Island funds in this Country at our disposal; nor any Parly Estimate for that Colony.
ABd 13/2
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The only resource will be to authorize the Agents General to issue this half salary and to send stringent orders to the Governor to remit to them the amount without delay. We had better also instruct the Agents General, in case they do not receive the remittance within 6 months from this time, to report the fact in order that the Governor may have his memory refreshed on the subject.
Mr H. Irving will perhaps see from what date the half salary should reckon, and indeed it may be advisable to ask Mr Pemberton to call here in order to make sure that he wishes to draw the whole amount due to him.
I see that after all he is not going until a fortnight later than we expected, but I think that we need not raise that topic.
Prepare drafts.
TFE 15 Feb
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Fortescue to J. Despard Pemberton, 21 February 1861, advising that the Colonial Agents General had been instructed to advance the sum of £250 of the half salary due to you as Surveyor General of VanCouver Island while on leave of absence.
Minutes by CO staff
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I have seen Mr Pemberton. His half salary is due since 25 Decr
—and he wishes [to] receive one years [half] pay in England, [leaving] the balance due to him to be adjusted [by] the Colony. These Drafts are prepared accordingly.
HTI 19/2/61
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Colonial Office to Colonial Agents, 20 February 1861, authorizing them to advance £250 to J. Despard Pemberton, and advising that the governor would be given stringent instructions to remit the amount without delay.
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 46, 19 February 1861, informing him that Pemberton had been given an advance of £250 against the salary due to him, and instructing Douglas to immediately on the receipt of this despatch…remit the sum [of] £250 to this country in repayment.
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Rogers to Colonial Agents General, 4 April 1862, asking whether Pemberton's advance had been repaid by Douglas.