Howard to Newcastle
1 Whitehall Place
12 April 1862
Having lately read [a] Report to the French Govt from the Timber Inspector [in] Cherbourg Dock Yards [in] which he speaks highly of the qualities of the Vancouver Douglas Fir for Shipbuilding purposes I think it would be advisable to plant such portions of the Royal Forests with it as are notManuscript image well suited for growing [Oak]. It is quite hardy which the Deodara is not, as the latter, with every precaution taken in rearing & planting out in the Forests will not stand our severe spring frosts.
I should be much obliged to you if you could assist me in obtaining a supply of the Douglas Fir Seed through the Governor of Vancouver. If heManuscript image could send me half a hundred weight by next spring & continue to send the same quantity for sowing each succeeding spring for [a] few years to come it would enable us to raise a sufficient supply of plants for stocking the Forests.
Of course this Dt will defray any Expenses that may [be] incurred in collecting & transmitting the Seed which should be ordered home viĆ¢ Panama to avoid theManuscript image long sea voyage.
Yours truly
James K. Howard
[Woods and Forests]
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Blackwood
This will have to go by todays mail & be signed by Sir FR.
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Draft reply, Rogers to Douglas, No. 94, 16 April 1862, forwarding Howard's request, asking that Douglas comply, and assuring Douglas that the Office of Woods and Forests will defray any expenses incurred.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Elliot
For today's mail.
ABd 16/4
Prepare dt.
The Duke has directed through Mr Engleheart that the letter shd go to day & [be] signed by the U.S. of State.
TFE 16/4