Chadwick to Newcastle
33 Fountain St
Apl 14th 1862
My Lord Duke
I take the liberty [to] say that I shall feel very greatly obliged to your Grace if you will be so kind as to forward to me any information relative to the [tenure and letting?] of land, the system of licensing for mining [and] trading, the selling of land also, as well too if there be a Government Assaying establishment [at] Victoria Vancouver's Island for British Columbia [one word off microfilm], and a mint, and [if] I be [thrusting?] too much on you to ask this, if youManuscript image will then be so kind to state where the information desired is to be got and if in Parliamentary Papers where they can be Sought. I do not know (except from some doubtful books) where I can apply except to your office and therefore I have ventured to write to your Grace.
I am My Lord Duke
Yours obediently
Joseph Chadwick

Minutes by CO staff
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Furnish the writer with the address of the Seller of the Parly papers on B. Columbia, stating that they will be found to contain the infn he seeks for—with the exception of his enquiry abt a mint, wh: H.M.G. have not (yet) authorized to be established in the Colony.
ABd 19/Apl
I should inform him where he can procure the existing Parly Papers on British Columbia—and should also tell him that no Royal Mint is yet established in B. Columbia, but that an Assay Office exists & that coins of a certain weight & fineness are stamped there with a view to their entering into the local currency. I think that I am right in the last fact, which however should be verified before sending the answer.
TFE 22 April
Quite right. Gold pieces of 20, 10 and 5 dollars each may be circulated.
Other documents included in the file
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Elliot to Chadwick, 24 April 1862, advising where the Parliamentary Papers could be obtained, and explaining that although no mint was as yet established in the colony, the local assay office did fulfill some of its functions with regard to currency.