McNab to Newcastle
I am instructed by the Director of this Bank respectfully to submit for the Consideration of your Grace the enclosed Extract of a letter received from the Manager of their Branch in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Shewing the great inconvenience to which that Colony is subjected for want of a direct Communication with the Isthmus of Panama.
I am
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedt. Servant
C. McNab
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Express the regret of the Duke of Newcastle at the inconvenience complained of, & state that it must rest with the Colonies interested in the matter to improve their postal communication in the Pacific. It might be added, if it is prudent so to observe, that this Country performs its part in subsidizing the Mail Packets to Colon—by which Packets the Letters for V.C.I. & B.C. are conveyed.
It can hardly be expected of this Country to subsidize Mail Steamers inManuscript image the Atlantic, & Pacific too, in the face of auriferous colonies.
ABd 26 July
I should think that the writer may be answered in much the same terms as were employed in the letter to Mr Laird dated the 5th of June.
TFE 28 July
CF 29
N 29
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Extract describing the inadequate mail service in the colony, with mail bags being delayed at Panama for extended periods of time, no date, no signature.
Other documents included in the file
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Rogers to McNab, 5 August 1862, advising that they were aware of the need for good and regular postal communication, and that Newcastle had "sanctioned some appropriations towards it, which have been made out of the Colonial Revenues."