Sargeaunt to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
6 Adelphi Terrace
9 May 1863
I have the honor to acquaint you for the information of His Grace The Duke of Newcastle that The Colonial Treasurer of Vancouver Island has drawn 3 Bills on the Agents General as follows
No 7 for £3,500 At 30 days sight and
" 8 " £1,000 dated 14 March 1863
" 9 " £1,500 of which no advice has been received at this office.
As the Bills however appear to be genuine, I beg to be favored with the Necessary authority for accepting the same for thehonorManuscript image honor of the Drawer.
There are ample funds at the disposal of the Agents General to meet these Bills.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
Humble Servant
W.C. Sargeaunt
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Sanction payment? Apprize the Governor.
N.B. I trust the Bills are all right. But the sanctioning them witht Any advice of the Govr or any guarantee from him, on the face of the Bills, might put us in anManuscript image awkward predicament. Such things have been heard of as breaches of trust on the part of Treasurers.
ABd 9 May
In consequence of Mr Blackwood's note, I have inquired into this subject.
1st I find that Governor Douglas particularly inquired of the Agents how he had better get over the money and was recommended to do so by bill. This is the first presumption in favor of the correctness of the present drafts.
2dly The series of bills which began by a late Mail is his first operation of the kind, so that we have no former or extensive practice of his to refer to.
But 3rdly, On a recent occasion his bills arrived first and his advices afterwards.
4thly Mr Watson is known to Mr Blackwood to have been at the head of the Branch of the Bank of North America situated in Vancouver Island, and to be a man of established character.
I have not the least doubt therefore that the present Bills ought to be accepted, but I think that Governor Douglas should be told that it has been found very inconvenient that his Bills have on two successive occasions arrived before his Advices, and that he should be begged to be very particular in taking care that his advices are sent by equally early opportunitiesManuscript image as his Bills.
Prepare draft accordingly to Governor Douglas and draft to the Agents sanctioning the acceptance of the Bills and the letter the 9h of May.
TFE 11 May
CF 12
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 18, 13 May 1863.
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Elliot to Colonial Agents, 14 May 1863, authorizing acceptance of the bills.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Fortescue
As I spoke to you on this, I send these drafts for your inspection that you may see how the question appears fit to be settled. You will find the reasons in the Minutes on this letter.
TFE 11/5