Howard to Fortescue (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
Office of Woods, &c
Whitehall Place S.W.
23 February 1863
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 20th instant transmitting by direction of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle copy of a despatch from the Governor of Vancouver Island reporting that a box had been forwarded to the Commissioners of Woods containing twenty pounds weight of Seed and 6 1/2 bushels of Cones of the Douglas Pine and I have to request that you will be so good as to express to His Grace my thanks for the trouble he has taken in this matter.
The Box has been safely delivered at this Office and the contents entrusted to the care of the Deputy Surveyor of the New Forest, and I shall feel obliged by your informing me of the expense incurred in the collection of these Seeds.
I am,
Your obedient Servant
James K. Howard
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Mr Elliot
See C.O. Letter to T-y of 20 inst.
ABd 24/F
Wait Treasury answer: but keep this on answer list, or take some precaution against it's being forgotten.
TFE 23/2
Vide Ty/2087.