Booth to Under-Secretary of State
Board of Trade, Whitehall
22nd July 1864
I am directed by the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade to request that you will inform Mr Secretary Cardwell that My Lords have had under their consideration the Act of the Legislature of Vancouver Island passed in March last and intituled No 89 "An Act to establish Pilots for the Port of Victoria and for other purposes relating thereto", with the Extract of observations thereon of the Attorney General of that Colony which were enclosed with your letter of the 16th of this month.
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My Lords observe that the Act appears to make it compulsory on some vessels bound inward to the Port of Victoria in that Island to employ a pilot or pay the half pilotage rate.
This provision having been considered by the Colonial Authorities desirable for shipping in the present circumstances of the Port My Lords do not now see in it or in any other provision in the Act reason why the Act may not properly be submitted for the sanction of Her Majesty.
At the same time I am to suggest for the consideration of Mr Cardwell that it might be well that the attention of the Governor of the Colony should be directed with a view to future legislation to the provisions relating to Pilotage contained in the Acts of the Imperial Parliament, 17 & 18 Vic: C 104 and 25 & 26 V. C 63andManuscript image and more particularly to those which enable Pilotage Authorities to extend exemptions from compulsory pilotage to reduce Pilotage rates and to authorise Masters and Mates when found competent to pilot the vessels to which they belong in waters where pilotage is compulsory.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient Servant
James Booth
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Sir F. Rogers
Sanction the Act by O. in Council, and transmit a copy of this Letter to the Governor directing his attention to the suggestion of the Bd of Trade that in future Legislation respecting Pilotage regard should be had to the Imperial Acts on that subject.
ABd 23 July
FR 23/7
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 35, 2 September 1864.
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Cardwell to the Lord President, 30 July 1864, submitting the act to the Queen in Council and recommending that it be left to its operation.