Douglas to Cardwell
22nd July 1864
I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of Mr Fortescue's Despatch of the 4h Instant, conveying your request that I will, for the reasons stated, formally resign the Vice-Admirals Commission issued to me on my appointment to my late Government of Vancouver's Island.
In compliance with such requirement I beg to tendermyManuscript image my resignation of the Office of Vice Admiral of the Colony of Vancouver's Island and its Dependencies, and I hereby resign all powers, rights, or privileges conferred on me or entrusted to me by such Commission issued to me as aforesaid, save and except in so far as relates to any act or thing heretofore done by virtue of the said office.
The Commission itself I have left behind me in Vancouver's Island, but, if it be required, I will cause it to be returned from thence so soon as may be practicable.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
and humble Servant
James Douglas

Right Honorable Edward Cardwell MP
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Sir F. Rogers
See also 6976 B. Columbia. These Letters contain a full surrender of the Office of Vice Admiral in both Colonies. With regard to the question of the Commissions you thought it best in the case of St Helene that the present Governor should be directed to send home the Commission.
In the present case Sir J. Douglas mentions having left the Commissions at Van Couvers Island, and offers to send for them. It is just possible that they may be with his private Papers. Either he might be asked to send for them, or he might be informed that in the event of their having been left deposited in the Archives of the Govt the Secy of State wd direct the Govr to send them home.
GG 23 July
Draft. Ask him to take steps for causing them to be returned at his convenience.
FR 23/7
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Rogers to Douglas, 28 July 1864, asking that he take the necessary steps to ensure the return of the Vice Admiralty Commission from Vancouver Island.