Columbia to Newcastle
23 Upper Berkely St W
Jan 21. 1864
My Lord Duke,
In the Draft Deed of Conveyance of the Land occupied by the Church and Parsonage of Christ Church, Victoria Vancouver, herewith returned, I have defined the site at present used for the Bishops residence.
My reasons for this addition to the draft are. 1. I am about to designate this Church as the Cathedral and consider it important the Bishop should reside on the spot. 2. In 1860 soon after my arrival the Minister (Rev E Cridge) andManuscript image Churchwardens of Christ Church invited me to place the Episcopal residence on this spot, I did so at some expense and have resided there since. 3. As the land was originally given by the Hudson Bay Company for the benefit of the Incumbent I agreed in writing to invest, and did invest at the time, a sum of money deemed then equivalent, in land to be conveyed as soon as the title to the residence is secured. 4. No prejudice therefore is done to the interests of Mr Cridge, while the land will be improved in value by the Church beingManuscript image made the Cathedral with the Bishops residence adjacent.
Should however this addition to the Draft involve delay in settling the conveyance I do not press it for I am anxious the Rev Mr Cridge should not longer be kept from benefit in leasing portions of the Land.
But I submit it could be reasonable to vest power in the Trustees to locate suitably in sites for residence any Clergy, Bishop or otherwise, who may be attached to this particular Church.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces very obed humble Svt
G. Columbia

His Grace the Duke of Newcastle
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
I suppose Mr Murdoch should see the additions proposed by the Bishop of B Columbia in the draft Deed of Conveyance?
VJ 22 Jan
Mr Fortescue
I have thought that the [trolrog?] wd be to give the Trustees power to impose on the Bishop such terms and conditions as they may think fit in regard to his occupation of the home he inhabits. This will give them (the Governor being one) the power to secure that justice is done.
I annex a draft bearing Mr Stephens annotations & alterations on behalf of the Bp and my suggestions & ultimatum on behalf of the C.O. wh will show that the matter has been considered in detail with some trouble—and I also annex a fair copy of the draft as it emerges from these discussions.
I think it may now be executed—and I wd have it at once engrossed for execution by the H.B.Cy, the Assy, the Bh & the Governor. Mr Gairdner wd look to this.
FR 29/2
CF 1 March
N 2