Sepr 7/1865
I have the honor to acknowledge the recei[p]t of your note marked Private enclosing the copy of a private letter which you have addressed to Governor Seymour on the subject of union of the Colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.
These letters have been recovered from the wreck of the mail packet "Brother Jonathan" and here received by me this day fromManuscript image H.B.M. consul at San Francisco.
As Governor Seymour proceeds to England by this Mail it is I presume unnecessary for me to enlarge upon the subject of Your letter to him.
I should however wish to state that I can see no more difficulty in governing Cariboo from "Victoria," than from "New Westminster"—if that condition be necessary to Union of the Colonies.
I think it is obvious that on whatever condition Union may be decided upon, the longer it is deferred, the more numerous and seriousManuscript image the obstacles will become.
I feel confident that a just and impartial administration of the Govt of the United Colonies, would soon reconcile the small private interests which are now opposed to union.
Governor Seymour has been staying with me awaiting the arrival of the mail steamer, and I had no hesitation in handing him the copy of your private letter the original of which he informs me he has not received.
I have the honor
to be,
Sir, Your very faithful
A.E. Kennedy
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Sir F. Rogers
I suppose we do not yet fully know all that Mr Seymour has to say on the subject of a Union of the two Countries; and in the absence of any objections which he may offer to the measure a certain amount of diffidence may be entertained by us in coming to a conclusion. But if Govr S. has no stronger reasons to adduce against joining the 2 Colonies than those he has advanced in his despatches I must confess that I, for one, can see nothing but harm in postponing the event.
With the aid of the telegraph & good Justices of the Peace up the Country the Govt may be conducted without difficulty at New Westminster.
ABd 23 Oct
Put by I suppose.
FR 24/10
EC 24