Young to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
Walmer, Kent
17h April 1865
Adverting to your letter of the 26th August last, communicating to me that the Crown Agents had been authorized to pay my half Salary while in England on leave of absence from the Colony of Vancouver's Island, but that as the Secretary of State lacked certain information from the Colony, he was not then in a position to sanction such payment at a higher rate than for a Salary of £500 per Annum; I, in the hope that the Secretary of State has by this time received the required advices from the Colony, now take the liberty of representing that asIManuscript image I am on the point of quitting this Country to return to my Colony, it would be a matter of great convenience if the difference between the rate authorized as aforesaid viz £500, per annum, and the rate assigned by the Secretary of State in 1863, viz £600 per annum, could be paid by the Crown Agents before my departure.
2. I am emboldened to make this application, as I feel every confidence that the Crown Revenue in the Colony is ample to bear the charge assigned to it as Salary for the Governor and for the Colonial Secretary, and in support of this assertion I would state that I have good reason to believe that the Governor's Salary has been regularly paid in the Colony at the increased rate, and also that the Half Salary issued to the gentleman acting in my position during my absence has likewise been paid at the higher rate.IfManuscript image If I have been misinformed, and am in error upon these points, I can only say that, if the Secretary of State should now grant my request, I will hold myself prepared, should he hereafter see cause to require it, to refund the difference between the two rates of Salary for which I now apply.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
and humble Servant
William A.G. Young
Colonial Secretary of
Vancouver's Island

T.F. Elliot Esquire
Under Secretary of State
for the Colonial Department
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Mr Elliot
Mr Cardwell, in his desph of the 16 Sep/64 suspended the instructions previously given for the payment of certain Salaries out of the Crown Revenue until further infn had been supplied by the Govr as to the Amount of that fund. The Govr has ackd the rect of that Desph. On the 5th Decr last he wrote word that he wd limit the charges agt the Crown fund to those already authorized, & which, he added, there were ample funds to meet. The question, I think, is whether, in the absence of the detailed report called for, Mr Cardwell will adhere to his instruction, or whether he will regard the Governor's assurance on the 5 Decr as sufficient to justify him in complying with Mr Young's request. The difference Mr Young asks for is about £50.
ABd 19 Apl
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Mr Cardwell
This subject is in rather an obscure state. Mr Young tells us that he has heard that the Governor is paying the higher rates of salary, but I should have supposed that the Governor's statement in his despatch of 5 Decr meant that he was confining himself for the present to the original rates. If so, I do not think that our own reports from the Colony would warrant an issue of Mr Young's salary at the higher rate?
TFE 19 Apl
Mr Cardwell has sent up this letter. The meaning of his despatch of 16 Sept 1864 was that the Governor would be at liberty to issue the sum of £3600 to himself and Secretary, i.e., as I understand, £3000 to Governor & £600 to Secretary.
Prepare draft to Mr Young: In answer to his letter Mr Cardwell begs leave to acquaint him that he has apprized the Crown Agents that his full salary during the whole period of his stay in England may now be reckoned at the rate of £600 instead of £500 per annum, and that the Crown Agents may therefore issue to him the consequent difference in the amount of his half salary for that period. Prepare a draft to the Agents accordinglyManuscript image and direct them to send out to the Governor an exact statement of the whole amount of the pay issued by them to Mr Young in this Country. Transmit to the Governor, for his information, Mr Young's letter and the answer. Tell him that the Crown Agents have been instructed to send him an exact account &c.
TFE 21 April
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Elliot to Crown Agents, 22 April 1865, authorizing them to pay the difference owing to Young and asking that a complete statement of monies paid to Young during his absence from the colony be forwarded to the governor.
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Elliot to Young, 22 April 1865, advising that the Crown Agents had been instructed to make up the difference owing on his half pay to conform to a salary of £600 rather than £500 per annum.
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Mr Cardwell has told me that he approves.
TFE 22/4
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Draft reply, Cardwell to Kennedy, No. 23, 22 April 1865.